Winthorpe & Coddington Tigers F.C.

Steve Tur was nominated by committee member Steve Hanstock. He has been a coach for thirteen years as well as helping with refereeing, cleaning the club house, writing lengthy match reports and taking the team out for activities such as dirt buggying and bowling. His dedication is outstanding and is demonstrated through his team’s performance including one league win and three cup wins. He’s even taken his team out to a Forest game to use it as a coaching session!

We went to Newark to present Steve his signed Nottingham Forest Football and to ask him a few questions. 

Name: Steve Tur

Age: 55

Club: Winthorpe and Coddington Tigers F.C., Newark, Nottinghamshire

Q: What has been your biggest personal achievement with the club? 
Steve: At an under 9’s pre-season game, a mum wandered over to us with her daughter and asked if we were looking for players. She said her daughter loved football and her dream was to play for Nottingham Forest. We took her on.
She was a little raw, but she showed the boys a thing or two about determination and developed to become one of the strongest players in a boys’ team. I picked her as Captain for our cup final last season, where she led us to an unexpected 5-1 win against a team that were unbeaten throughout the season.

I took her to her first trial day for this season’s Forest Ladies u14’s and her technique stood out against other established team players. She is now part of the team and I am so proud to have helped her move towards her dream.

Q: Do your family get involved in football too? 
Steve: My wife was instrumental in setting up our “Tiger Tuck” shop which is hugely important in raising funds. My son did play but is currently unable to. He does however help me with tactics and formations.
My parents were not sporty at all and neither of them could drive, so I used to bike to matches, play and then bike home. I always wondered why the football season was through the winter, and wished it wasn’t.

Q: What’s next for Winthorpe and Coddington Tigers? 
Steve: Tigers has a really healthy cubs section of some 20+ four to eight year olds who are coached by our Forest Guru, Sully and three or four other coaches on a Saturday afternoon. These are the lifeblood of our club. For one reason or another we haven’t got teams across the age groups but with this early coaching ethos we have a great way of achieving this in the future.

Q: Finally, who are you planning on taking to the Nottingham Building Society Executive Box as part of your prize? 
Steve: The guy who nominated me, Steve Hanstock is a big Forest fan and is a great help to me with team and club matters, so he is one. The second is my assistant Nigel Nicholson and the third has to be my wife Maureen. She puts up with a lot and has always supported me in everything I do.

Steve Tur

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