Our community work

The Nottingham has a long rich history of helping communities to thrive and since launching our formal community programme in 2011, we have donated more than £1.2million to support those people that need it most. This year our communities have needed our help more than ever. We have increased our investment and are proudly supporting:
  • Alleviation of poverty - supporting communities facing financial hardship and accessing funds remotely for the first time
  • Reducing social isolation - reaching out to those members of our communities at risk of social isolation
  • Education and young people - supporting schools, parents and community groups engaged in home-education and continuing to drive aspiration for the future in young people
  • Our charitable partners - offering emergency support for our partners.


Our impact in the community

Find out how our £1.2m investment in communities has made a difference to make people more employable, tackle homelessness and improve financial literacy.


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