Plan for the future

Plan ahead and our trusted partners can help you and your family have a greater future

We do more than just provide mortgages and savings accounts for our members. We want to make sure we help you at every stage of life and have teamed up with trusted partners to deliver a range of legacy services from will writing to estate planning to Power of Attorney from APS Legal & Associates.

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Will writing

Having an up to date Will ensures your affairs are dealt with in accordance to your wishes.

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Power of Attorney

Have the security of nominating someone to act on your behalf in the event that you can't make decisions yourself.

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Essential guides

Why do I need a Will? What is a trust? Who are APS Legal & Associates? If these are some of the questions you ask yourself, you might find our guides useful.

Start planning for your future today, not tomorrow

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Advice for under 30s

Retirement is unlikely to be on your radar, you’re probably too busy enjoying life. But it’s important to have one eye on the future. Early financial planning can go a long way.

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Pre-retirement advice

A retirement plan is about balancing and controlling your finances and investments. A good financial adviser can help you set your retirement planning with maximum benefit.

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Post-retirement advice

When you do decide to finish work there are many different options that will impact your retirement income. It’s therefore important that the right selection is made to meet your needs.

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Advice for families

Whether you’re planning for a holiday or for your children’s education, you’re going to have to save. With the right advice you can create a financially stable future for your family.

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