Women in finance charter

We continue to be proud signatories of the Women in Finance Charter and have over time increased our targets and ambitions in achieving greater gender diversity at The Nottingham. This year, our executive team has agreed a target of 50% for gender diversity to be achieved by 2026.

We have attained 32% gender diversity in senior management and know that there is more work to do to achieve parity. Our actions have included making diversity a key consideration in succession planning and recruitment at Board and executive level, providing hybrid working permanently to attract and retain a more diverse group of talent and embedding a culture of inclusion in the Society though awareness and education.

  • September 202332% female
  • September 202238% female
  • September 202133% female
  • September 202037% female
  • September 201942% female
  • September 201839% female
  • September 201745% female
  • September 201645% female

In signing the Women in Finance Charter, we pledge to continue to focus and invest in this area across our whole society.

Sue Hayes, Chief Executive Officer

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