Different strokes for building society folk

Last week a team of branch managers swapped their normal day-jobs of helping you with your pennies for tins of paint as they undertook the challenge to makeover not one, but two rooms at Lenton based charity, The Ear Foundation. 

The charity work with deaf community clients locally and nationally with the latest hearing technology. Playing host to over 500 families a year, the charity almost doubled the size of its new facility wing last year and whilst most clinics and conferences are now held in the main building, the original house where the charity first started is used to accommodate families travelling to use the facility as well as an overflow for the main building. The team choose to help out with the communal lounge and playroom, both of which are vital in creating a relaxing space between hearing assessment work. 

Sian Harris, branch manager at Ashbourne and our new Matlock branch said ‘It’s been a fantastic day – we’ve learnt so much about the charity and how well the facilities are used. The playroom is an integral part of this so very proud to have taken part as well as having fun spending the day with my colleagues.' 

The Ear Foundation started in Nottingham in 1976 to support the volume of patients coming to Nottingham for cochlear implants - at the time, the city was the only place in the country where this ground-breaking technology was used. Today, it remains the leading UK charity for hearing technology and from its Nottingham premises, runs everything from employability courses for the deaf to seminars for medical professionals.

Since the launch of Doing Good Together in 2011, we’ve volunteered over 1,000 hours to help our local communities through charities such as The Ear Foundation. If you have a local project you would like some help with, please email dgt@thenottingham.com Generic News Story

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