Find Your Future: Month-long campaign to raise awareness of young adult loneliness in Nottingham

The Nottingham Building Society is teaming up with Nottingham charity The Wolfpack Project for a month-long focus on a growing problem – loneliness in young adults.

It is an issue that has worsened over the last year or so due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so when The Nottingham decided to step in to see what it could do to help there was no better local initiative to work with than The Wolfpack Project, based in Sherwood.

The charity focuses on supporting people aged 16 to 35 and Founder and CEO Damien Reynolds is excited and heartened to have been approached by the building society to take part in the month-long campaign called Find Your Future.

It will include a series of social media based interactive Q&As, advice sessions, podcasts, videos as well as featuring other digital content and resources designed to show young men and women who are struggling with loneliness that there is always hope.

Find Your Future will signpost people to help and advice, whether that be from a health, feelings, career or finances point of view.

Damien said: “Many young adults have, due to a number of different circumstances, lost their former connections and been left feeling lonely. That in turn can lead to a number of challenges such as depression, social anxiety, low self-worth and confidence. 

“Before long there can be a knock-on effect on relationships, maintaining employment, looking after finances and on physical and mental wellbeing. We regularly speak to many people who lack motivation and feel no purpose until they decide to reach out.

“As a charity we provide virtual get-togethers and groupwork, make regular check-in calls on people and signpost them to other services offering help and support.

“And as a building society that cares about its communities, The Nottingham are well placed practical to give finances and careers advice that could be absolutely vital in helping provide people with the expertise that could give them a brighter, more informed future.

“The great thing about teaming up with The Nottingham for Find Your Future is that we are able to bring together our different skills, experiences and advice – with the same aim of helping people across Nottingham.”

The Nottingham, who have also made a donation to The Wolfpack Project to ensure 35 local young people receive tech items to ensure they are not digitally excluded from others, have been impressed with the charity’s impact during the pandemic.

Head of People and Development Anne Leivers, added: “In 2020 alone, The Wolfpack Project saw over 4,250 young people attend their online events and meet-ups.

“No less than 87% of the young people they worked with last year said they felt the charity had helped them to feel less lonely and had improved their mental health, and 100% said they felt more likely to make friends.

“The positive effect The Wolfpack Project are having on people’s lives makes them perfect for us to work with on Find Your Future, and we are excited to be showcasing their skills and services, combined with our career and finances advice.”

Find Your Future runs on the digital and social media platforms of both The Nottingham and The Wolfpack Project throughout June.

Each week there will be an overarching theme – finance, career, wellbeing and loneliness – that will delve deeper into subjects such as budgeting, scam awareness, further education tips and emotional spending and interactive content allowing people to pose questions to experts.

Photo caption (l-r): Damien Reynolds and Alex Inkley from The Wolfpack Project get set for Find Your Future, in association with The Nottingham - Assistant Communications Manager Sue Owen-Bailey is pictured in the middle.

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