Teresa puts the fun in funeral planning

For many people planning for when we shuffle off this mortal coil is a depressing thought and one that is often put off for another day.

But for Teresa Wells the idea of making sure everything is firmly in place - and not just logistically and financially - makes absolute sense. In fact she’s planning quite a celebration.

After initially opening a couple of savings accounts at our Groby branch the 57-year-old decided to take things further and has also received financial planning advice and arranged her funeral plan and will via the society and its partners.

Teresa, from Leicester, is delighted that the original phone conversation with customer adviser Janet Hextall to merely enquire about savings rate developed into so much expert advice - all of it free of charge - and subsequent financial preparedness.

She says: “I initially got a leaflet through the door advertising an appealing savings rate with The Nottingham and rang the Groby branch to find out more.

“I spoke to Janet who from the off wasn’t pushy or ‘salesy’ and clearly explained to me what was available. She also suggested that it might be worth me having a full customer review to discuss what I wanted to achieve and to give me the opportunity to ask any questions.

“Janet was so friendly and understanding of my needs that I began to think she was a bit of a rare gem - a customer service ‘one off’. But when I visited the branch for the review I soon found that everyone there was lovely, on both the building society and estate agency sides of the branch, and that really put me at ease with what I needed to talk about.

“Once we had put things in place to open the savings accounts I chatted to Janet about some pension queries and concerns I had as I am ten years from retirement age and it was from there that she kindly lined up some appointments for me, all free of charge.”

After an extremely positive meeting with a financial adviser from our third party partner Wren Sterling, Teresa also purchased a funeral plan via the society and was linked up with experts from Dignity Funeral Plans to make further arrangements.

In no time at all Teresa - a passionate African drummer who whiles away many hours playing, sometimes with some of the best known names in the genre - had things in place that reassured her on a few fronts.

Teresa explains: “Getting everything in place made sense financially because I am now absolutely clear on cost. It also means that no-one that I leave behind, such as my brothers, nieces or close family friends, is responsible for any of it when I’ve gone either.

“Talking through all of this with The Nottingham and its partners has been a breeze, and was handled with sensitivity and expertise throughout. And there’s no reason why that shouldn’t be the case as it isn’t the morbid subject many people think it is.

“What’s great about the funeral plans on offer via a visit to a branch of The Nottingham is that they are so bespoke and you can arrange the day to be exactly what you want it to be, in the knowledge that it has been paid for and all your wishes will be catered for.

“Like most people I work extremely hard but it’s also important for me to enjoy life and to be close to people and creativity and that’s why I love playing the African drums, linking up with musicians and partying with friends.

“When the worst happens and I pass away - which of course I hope won’t be for a long time yet - I want people to celebrate my life, not be sad about it. I want them all to get up and dance.

“And that’s why the advice and services on offer from The Nottingham and its partners are perfect for anyone – they can be put in place however you see fit.

“I have already recommended The Nottingham to many of my family members and friends as I couldn’t have asked for any more from them.”

Teresa Wells (left) with customer adviser Janet Hextall.


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