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Your home and lifestyle is as individual as you are, and we believe that your home insurance should be just as personal. That’s why we’ve created Take Your Pick home insurance. It frees you to build a policy that covers the things you love, while only paying for what you need.
  1. Choose your preferred level of core cover, which covers the structure of your house and contents.
  2. Build on this protection with our extra cover options – for specified items, such as jewellery, watches, bikes etc.


Your core cover

First off, you need to choose which level of core cover works best for you. There are three options to choose from:

1) Core buildings only with £500,000 cover as standard

This covers the actual structure of your home and will pay to repair it if it gets damaged by fire, flood, subsidence or a falling tree

2) Core contents only with £50,000 cover as standard

This pays to replace lost or damaged contents if you are burgled or if your home is damaged by fire, flood or a storm

3) Core building and contents

This combines the core buildings and the core contents giving you the best possible cover for both your home and possessions.

Once you've decided on your base level, you can select your extra home insurance cover options.

home insurance benefits

Your extra cover options

From jewellery and camping kits to mobile phones and bikes, our extra cover options help you to create a package that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Simply pick the options that are right for you from our extensive list. You can always add on in the future. So if you’re living in a flat now, but move to a place with a garden, you can add garden cover then.

Technology and entertainment

For gadget lovers everywhere, this option covers you against accidental damage and loss, both inside and outside your home. This option covers:

  • TVs, DVD/video players/recorders, satellite dishes/receivers, aerials
  • CD players and recorders, radios
  • MP3 players, iPods, music downloads
  • Phones, mobile phones and fax machines
  • PCs, laptops, netbooks and printers
  • Musical instruments and accessories
  • Cameras and accessories

Personal items

Whether at home or out and about, this option lets you handpick cover for your lifestyle. We cover:

  • Jewellery, watches and medals
  • Camping and sports equipment
  • Bikes, wheelchairs and disability scooters
  • Spectacles, contact lenses and hearing aids
  • Credit, debit, cheque or cash dispenser cards
  • Money, cheques, gift tokens, travellers’ cheques, premium bonds
  • Pre-payment cards, postal or money orders, phone cards
  • Season or travel tickets


For the green-fingered out there, this option covers everything from garden furniture to shrubs, including:

  • Trees, plants, hedges, lawns
  • Gardening equipment, such as lawnmowers, shears, spades, etc.
  • Barbecues and patio heaters
  • Play equipment
  • Water features, statues, pots, lights

Legal expenses

This option covers the costs of taking, or defending against, legal action, so should it happen you’ll always have the reassurance of professional advice. This option covers:

  • Personal injury
  • Consumer protection
  • Employment disputes
  • Tax issues

Accidental damage

Accidents are bound to happen and this option lets you add accidental damage to your buildings, your contents or both. We offer cover for:
  • Mirrors and glass (core contents only)
  • Fixed ceramic hobs and sanitary ware (core contents only)
  • Damage to your contents whilst being moved by a professional removal firm (core contents only)
  • Accidental loss of metered water (core contents only)

Home emergency assistance

We can help you get professional assistance quickly, if you’re facing a home emergency. Our cover is designed to make dealing with emergencies much less stressful, including:

  • Loss of heating, water or lighting
  • Plumbing or drainage problems
  • Removal of rats, mice, squirrels and wasp nests
  • Securing broken windows or doors
  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Overnight accommodation costs if your home can’t be lived in

Key features

  • 0% APR if you choose to pay monthly
  • Up to 20% no claims discount
  • A personal claims handler
  • UK call centres
Excludes subsidence, legal assistance and home emergency assistance claims.

Want to find out more?

Anyone with a home, whether owned or rented, can apply for Take Your Pick home insurance. You don’t have to have a mortgage with us to benefit from this cover.

Protecting your home and possessions is really easy and there are a number of ways to find out more information. You can call us on 0344 481 4444, visit your local branch, email us or get an online quote now.

This is only a guide to Take Your Pick home insurance. For full details of the terms and conditions of the cover you should refer to the policy document.


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