Benefits of member rewards

£25 cash backon home insurance

to independent
financial planning

and free document storage

Fee free
on whole of
market mortgages

on funeral plans

It's better to be a member

We're committed to helping you save money, buy your own homes and plan for a more secure financial future - whatever challenges life throws. Member Rewards offers a range of exclusive rewards for qualifying members to help make life a little simpler and a bit more secure.

At our unique building society you can get your savings in order, find the right mortgage, secure your property with home insurance and help you and your family have a greater future by planning ahead.

Your family can also benefit

As a qualifying member the whole family wins - if a membership benefits is bettered suited to a family member, you can just pass it on. They'll then receive special fast track access to all the rewards. You can read the terms and conditions here.

How do I qualify?

If you have a savings balance of at least £500 and have either held one of our savings accounts for at least the last 12 months or currently have a Nottingham Building Society mortgage, you can benefit from a range of offers. Visit your nearest branch or call us on 0344 481 0912 to find out more.

So Many Of You Are Already Enjoying
Our Member Benefits...

Qualifying Members

members have benefited
from the offers

Sharing a total of £790,000 in savings and cashback

Figures between March 2017 - May 2019

David McDowell

David receives £25 cashback through Member Rewards

David, a regular visitor to our branch in his home town of Buxton, said: "It's a very good idea to offer Member Rewards as it symbolises the ideal of a mutual organisation - one where I've always found the customer service to be first class"


Discounted price
on a basic Will

Not only can you achieve peace of mind, you can also receive a discounted price on a basic Will from APS Legal & Associates. £109 for a basic Will plus free document storage, which is usually £40.

25 cashback on home insurance

£25 cashback on
home insurance

We can arrange flexible, tailored home insurance policies through our insurance partner, RSA. You choose the level of cover that suits your needs and as a member you'll receive £25 cashback on any home or landlord insurance policy.
fee free advice on whole of market mortgages

Fee free advice on whole
of market mortgages

Nottingham Mortgage Services advisers will find you the right mortgage deal by comparing thousands of mortgages from over 60 lenders. Our members don’t pay a fee for this service which is typically £299.

exclusive access to independant financial planning

Exclusive access to
financial planning

We can all benefit from financial advice to help us make the most of our money. Our members can benefit from personal financial advice from our trusted partners Wren Sterling.       
120 cashback on prepaid funeral plan

£120 cashback on a
prepaid funeral plan

Funeral costs usually rest with close family members. A prepaid funeral plan, through our partner Dignity, will help to make a difficult time a bit easier for your loved ones. As a member you get £120 cashback on prepaid funeral plans.

Your family can
also benefit

Your family can receive fast track access all rewards without the need to meet the savings or mortgage eligibility criteria. They must be aged 18 or over and deposit or already hold savings of £500 or more with us.