Regular savings calculator
Use our regular savings calculator to see how much monthly interest you'll get on your regular savings account

Savings calculator

In two easy steps...

Use our savings calculator to find out how your savings might grow over the months.

  1. Enter the sum you will save on a monthly basis.
  2. Enter the interest rate earned on the account.
How much do you want to save each month
Interest rate
Interest earned after 12 months
Total savings after 12 months

The figures provided by the calculator are a guide only and are not a precise calculation.

Interest rates
The calculator assumes the interest rate does not change throughout the calculation. The calculation assumes we pay your interest without tax taken off.

Length of month
Months are of equal length.

Deposit frequencies
The calculator assumes the same deposit is made every month, at the same time as cleared funds.

The calculator rounds to the nearest 0.1%, in some cases the calculator may underestimate interest paid.

Stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. It shows what the interest rate would be if the interest was reinvested in the account each year.