Our purpose

At The Nottingham, we pride ourselves on looking after our members money. It’s something we have been doing successfully since 1849. We’re a mutual building society, which means we are owned by our members. Unlike banks, we don’t have shareholders and therefore don’t pay dividends. It means our profits and extra benefits can be passed on to members. Being smart with money is in our DNA - for over 170 years we have helped our members own their own homes, provided a safe and secure place for their savings and supported them in managing their finances.

We offer an all-under-one-roof service for savings, mortgages, insurance and later life planning. We pride ourselves on our excellent service, choice, great value and expert advice. We know members value our services - 98% of them rated our service as excellent or good*.

At the centre of the business is our network of branches. Our heartland stretches across nine counties with building society branches in Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and of course Nottinghamshire.

This all combines to make The Nottingham a top 10 building society, with assets of over £4bn. And with over 700 members of staff, we are committed to continuing to offer top quality service and advice.

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