Fees and charges you pay when buying a home

When considering the costs of buying a home, the deposit you put down is just part of the overall expenditure. There are other payments you need to factor in, such as mortgage fees, legal costs and removal charges.

Arrangement fees

Higher lending charges

Home insurance

Land registry fees

Legal/solicitors' fees

Removal fees


Stamp duty

Valuation costs

Get expert mortgage advice

While the internet is a great source for research, it’s well worth taking mortgage advice before you embark on buying a property. Expert mortgage advisers at Mortgage Advice Bureau are qualified and experienced in looking at thousands of mortgage from over 90 different lenders to find the deal to suit your needs.

Their advisers are committed to helping you make the right mortgage choice and will give you a dedicated mortgage adviser who will help you throughout the whole process so you can have confidence that you’ll receive advice tailored to your needs.

Answer some mortgage related questions and an adviser will give you a call to discuss your options. Or you can visit your nearest building society branch.

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Could you benefit from a new mortgage deal or are you looking for advice from an expert?

To find you the right deal Mortgage Advice Bureau will look at mortgages from over 90 lenders such as Barclays, Santander, NatWest, Nationwide Building Society, Halifax and many more. Request a call back from one of their expert advisers or visit your nearest building society branch to see what your options are.

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Request a call back from a mortgage adviser

Mortgage Advice Bureau will search thousands of mortgages so you don't have to. Answer some mortgage related questions and an adviser will give you a call to discuss your options.

Remortgaging explained

Remortgaging doesn't always involve moving house. It can reduce your monthly payments or help you pay off your mortgage sooner. Mortgage Advice Bureau advisers search over 90 lenders to help you achieve this.

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