Want a better deal on your current mortgage? Nottingham Mortgage Services will search the market to find the right deal for you

Mortgage rates are low right now and switching mortgage providers could offer monthly savings. If you currently have a mortgage or know of a family member looking for one, it's worth shopping around.

Remortgaging doesn’t involve moving house, but it could save you money. If you want to find a new deal because your existing one is coming to an end, changing your current mortgage from one lender to another is a simple process. And while it may seem like a hassle, it really doesn't have to be, particularly if you use the help of a mortgage broker.

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Let Nottingham Mortgage Services find the right deal for you

When you come to us for a mortgage, Nottingham Mortgage Services will look at deals from over 60 different lenders to find one that's right for you. 

We offer impartial advice and a dedicated adviser who will take you through every step.

You may get a better rate by shopping around

Whatever your situation, if you have any concerns or just want to see if you can get a better mortgage rate, let our mortgage experts advise you on what to do. Submit your details through the form and one of our mortgage advisers will get in touch or if you’ve already spoken to an adviser you can find their contact details here.


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Remortgaging explained

Remortgaging doesn't always involve moving house. It can reduce your monthly payments or help you pay off your mortgage sooner. Nottingham Mortgage Services advisers search over 60 lenders to help you achieve this.

Fee free mortgage advice

Nottingham Mortgage Services could find you the right deal by searching thousands of mortgages from over 60 different lenders. Qualifying members don’t pay a fee for this service which is typically £299.

Why use a mortgage broker?

There are many benefits of using a mortgage broker. Find out how they can help make the whole mortgage process simpler for you.