Su Snaith raises £1,700 for local homelessness charity

Head of Estate Agency Su Snaith was found 'guilty' of being an estate agent in Framework's annual Jail and Bail fundraiser.

Su, along with five other 'inmates' were arrested and put on trial for a range of 'crimes' in Nottingham's famous Galleries of Justice. Their task? To secure enough public donations to make their 'bail' and be set free.

Despite putting up a fair fight, Su was found 'guilty' of her crime and led down to the cells listening to her supporters booing the judge's decision to send her down. Commenting afterwards, the judge explained that this was mainly due to her plea video in which she recommended the judge should live in a bungalow due to his age! Rule number one, try not to upset the judge…

However, as she smashed her bail requirements raising almost £1,700 against a bail set at £1,000, Su was later let out… But not before a trip to the stocks and a go in the famous judge's chair with some of her team.

Su said 'I am absolutely delighted that I managed to raise my bail so I can continue delivering great homes to great people all over the land.'

Andrea Carver, Partnerships Manager at Framework said 'I am incredibly grateful to Su and the team at The Nottingham for supporting Jail and Bail again this year. Su has been a great sport and definitely gave that judge a run for his money.'

This is the third year the society has supported the event with previous inmates including Chief Operating Officer Simon Taylor and Head of IT Jack Cutts.

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