Funeral planning - the gift that keeps on giving

Most of us can’t wait to rip the wrapping paper off a gift and start using it. Not Gill and Peter Deeman. Their last big present to themselves was a guaranteed funeral plan for one from The Nottingham.

"Our children laughed when we told them," says 72-year-old Gill. "They said, ‘You’ve done what?’ when we said what we’d bought. I think they were a little bit startled. 

"Our son-in-law’s mum and dad were there. They thought it was such a good idea they’ve been out and got one themselves now."

Gill and Peter, 78, decided that taking out a funeral plan, while she and her husband are both fit and healthy, simply made sound financial sense.

A Guaranteed Funeral Plan, is a straightforward way for those aged 50 and over to pay for their funeral in advance and put their own personal arrangements in place. The cost of a cremation funeral is fixed at today’s prices, protecting you and your loved ones from future increases. A burial option is also available. 

"The price of funerals is not going to come down," believes Gill. "In fact, they’ve gone up since we bought ours, so we’re already saving.

"No-one likes to think about their own funeral. We just thought that doing this would save our family from running around and messing about. I had all the sorting out to do when my mum and dad passed away. Our children will be spared that."

Gill and Peter found out about The Nottingham’s Guaranteed Funeral Plan - offered in partnership with Dignity, the UK’s leading provider of funeral plans - after having a chat with one of our customer service advisers in their local Ilkeston branch.

"We had a good laugh when she first mentioned it," says Gill. "There was no pressure. She was lovely, very helpful. We took some information away and put it in our magazine rack. It stayed there for a little while. Eventually, we decided it was a good idea."

A Guaranteed Funeral Plan allows you to pay for your funeral up front in one lump sum, over 12 months at no extra cost or if you like you can spread the cost of the plan over an extended payment period of up to 120 months (There is an administration charge for all payments over 12 months.).

Gill and Peter paid for a mid-level plan in a single instalment. Although the plan will cover the cost of essential services provided for a cremation funeral, the couple haven’t yet decided on other details such as hymns, readings and music. These special requests can be added to the plan at any time, some special requests may incur additional costs. 

Gill thinks she might quite like something by TakeThat or Robbie Williams, but she’s not made her mind up. They’ll perhaps discuss music when they take out a second funeral plan, all being well, in December. That plan will be a joint Christmas present.

"It’s better to buy one another something sensible instead of rubbish," says Gill. "I would recommend a funeral plan, definitely.

"It’s not nice, thinking about your funeral. That’s the good thing about a plan. Once it’s done, it’s done. You can put it away and forget about it. You don’t have to worry."

To find out more about a funeral plan why not call one of our branches and book an appointment to talk to an adviser. Find the nearest building society branch to you. Generic News Story

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