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Now unless you already had half of the contents of your local DIY store in your garden shed there may not have been a great deal of redecorating that you could have done recently. But, there are definitely some interior design changes that you can do to freshen up your space and up the style factor of your home. 

We’ve asked four interior design bloggers and experts for their top tips on how to redecorate and refresh your home during lockdown! 

1. Refresh with a re-shuffle says Kimberly from

Kimberly is an award-winning UK interior design blogger and has a very eclectic style. She recommends shopping your home and moving ornaments and soft furnishings from room to room to create different feels. 

“If you know me well, you’ll know I love nothing more than a good faff with my home’s accessories. It’s a great way to give your space a new look without spending any money. You’re simply ‘shopping your home’, choosing textiles, artwork, objects, trays, plants – basically anything you can pick up easily and move – into a different space or area to give it new context. I can’t tell you how much of a difference a simple re-shuffle will make!”

Kimberly - Swoonworthy

Kimberly has a whole blog post full of interior updates called ‘Things to do when you’re stuck at home’ which you could find useful if you’re up for trying out some more design changes. 

Check out Kimberly on Instagram for lots of stylish home ideas. 

2. Katie, Design Director of KTM Design encourages you to personalise your space

Redecorating might be top of your list at the moment but it could be best not to rush into things. Take the time to put some thought into your personal space and what will make you happy with these tips and ideas from interior designer Katie. 

"I spend most of my time designing spaces for other people - from houses for footballers to world famous nightclubs. But now, I actually have time to do some redecorating in my own home! I’m embracing the calming tones of sage green on the walls in my new living space, and layering it up with several darker shades of green through the use of plants, both hanging and in planters. The lighting, accessories and upholstery will largely be white for a striking contrast against the green. My main aim with this space is to seamlessly connect it to nature so it feels like a continuation of my garden. Fresh, calming and my own little sanctuary - exactly what we all need right now."

KTM Designs

"I believe that an important part of decorating your home is simply to have fun with it. When working on your home during this time, don’t forget that your own space should reflect your personality.

Show off your fun and confident side with some bold orange furniture, or throw in a splash of elegance with some gold accents and navy accessories as a nod to your more sophisticated side. Your home should be a space in which you feel free to express yourself, and the many sides of your personality and lifestyle."

Get more interiors inspiration from KTM Design on Instagram!

3. Take it outside says Ben from Wood-Create

The weather that we’ve had recently across the UK has really made everyone with an outdoor space or a garden really grateful to have somewhere to relax in the sunshine. Ben from Wood-Create, a Gloucester-based handmade furniture maker and DIY blogger is giving us all some inspiration. 

“We’ve been making the most of the great weather and using this time to revive our garden fences, planters, decking and veranda. By using up some old paint and ordering more online we’ve managed to refresh all the worn and weathered wood to give it a new lease of life. With the winter months taking their toll on the veranda and patio we’ve used this free time wisely to transform this area into a beautiful outdoor sanctuary. We now have an extension of the house in which we can enjoy the spring and summer months and sit and relax whatever the weather.”

What do you think; will you be repainting your garden fence, repairing any winter damage and creating an extra room with your garden? 

Read Ben’s blog for more DIY tips.

 Ben - Wood Create

4. Invest in your energy says Victoria from blog, Apartment Number 4
Victoria Jackson - founder of interior design blog, Apartment Number 4 recommends adjusting the energy in your home in order to make you feel calmer and allows you to bring clarity into your life. 

“Having great energy running through your home really can, in my opinion, have a major effect on your wellbeing. In fact, there’s a scientific correlation between creating a happy home and having a happier outlook, from the feeling of being safe, to somewhere which enables you to rest and recharge. And let’s face it, that’s something we need now more than ever. One of the biggest ways to shift the energy in your home is to declutter and deep clean. I always recommend spending some time clearing out things they no longer feel aligned to."

Apt No 4 2

"Even if that means picking every single thing up and deciding whether it brings you joy or not – this is the method coined by Marie Kondo, but I agree and believe that items can hold on to old negative energy. When we declutter, it allows thinking space to increase, to bring more clarity, and can leave us feeling less stressed – especially when we’re no longer wasting precious time looking for the house keys and a spare umbrella (they’re both neatly hung up in your new hallway storage shelf).”

Victoria also talks to us all about how she found her Forever Home style in this article - a two-bedroom apartment filled with natural light and two cats! Try taking our fun Forever Home quiz to see what your home style should be. 

There we have four great tips to get organised, clean, creative and even a little retail therapy from within your own home. Let us know on Twitter if you've refreshed your home during the lockdown!

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