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Planning on saving instead of splurging this season of love but still want to show your favourite person that you care? Valentine’s Day can be a pricey occasion if you plan to celebrate it. With expensive bouquets and costly dinners - the hearts and flowers related receipts can soon pile up. Check out these 5 low cost ideas for a lovely Valentine’s Day.

1. Budget to your means, says Vicky from I Beat Debt
“My top tip for Valentine’s Day is to set a budget and not go over it. With that in mind, definitely consider homemade or pre-loved gifts. Everywhere charges more for flowers around Valentines day, but there are some amazing places that sell beautiful fake flowers - which look so lifelike. You can buy these in advance, and they will last much longer. 

2. Get crafty, says Charlotte from Lotty Earns

“It's really easy to get carried away with gifts on Valentine's Day, as it's tempting to equate love with how much you spend. However, crafty gifts are often really cheap to make but can show so much thought and love. One of my favourite things to do is to gift a jar or pretty box, then through the year write something they did that made you happy, or a reason you love them, or a story etc. Fold up the paper and put it in the jar. The next year, you have the most lovely gift to give your partner and it didn't cost a lot.”

3. Dine in or dine out on a different day, says Faith from Much More With Less

“To save money on Valentine's Day itself, my husband or I cook a special meal at home, with wine, candles, the lot. Even if I buy fancier food than normal, or try a supermarket ‘dine in’ option, it still costs far less than a restaurant. If we're going to eat out, we avoid over-priced set menus and packed restaurants by going the day before instead."

4. Grab discounts or cashback on whatever you buy, says Jodie from Tightwad Mama

“My tip for a money saving date would be to avoid going out on Valentine’s Day as prices are often much higher than normal. Plan a romantic date for the weekend instead, which is only a couple of days later. Make the most of discount sites like Groupon, Wowcher or even Virgin Experience Days to plan a fun, unusual date with a discount on normal prices. Make sure to buy it through a cashback site like Quidco or TopCashback to get a little extra money back on your purchase!"

5. Personalise vouchers, says Tuppenny - Tuppenny’s Fireplace
“For a unique, frugal and money saving Valentine's Day gift why not give your loved one a little book of vouchers that you have personally created? Each voucher can offer something special which you can do for or with them. Voucher ideas can be as simple as running them a bath with candles, going for a moonlight walk, cooking them their favourite meal or maybe offering to do one of their housework tasks for them. Your loved one can 'cash in' their vouchers at a time of their choosing!”

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