Sammy Fox is ready for his makeover!

Sammy Fox has ventured out of the Story Parks forest and is ready to be coloured in by any children in need of an activity to keep them occupied whilst they stay at home. Plus, each week we'll choose one of the awesome designs to have pride of place on our social media channels on both Twitter and Facebook. Check out how it will work below. 
  1. Download our Sammy the Fox colouring sheet here and get colouring! 
  2. Send it to us on our Facebook wall or as a Tweet on Twitter.
  3. Remember to let us know the name and age of the colouring star.
  4. Sit back and wait for the winners of the week to be announced. 

By sending in your child's picture you are confirming that you are the legal guardian of the child or children, or that you have sought permission from the legal guardian of the children. For privacy information in relation to you and your child's information you send us, please see our privacy policy.

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Of course, we would love to have every single colouring sheet that we receive up on our social media channels but we simply don't have the space. We'll choose some of our favourite ones but will change it up as often as we can to give as many budding Picassos their shining moment. 

There isn't an end date for this competition at the moment as we'll take our Member's lead on how long we should run it for until we switch it up. Please give us your feedback on social media.

Check out our article on 11 ways for kids to enjoy staying home for loads more ideas on fun things to do at home from arts and crafts to watching live zoo webcams! 

Colouring In

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