Harrison Murray are "the real deal"

Husband and wife Brenda and Steve Mylum are happily settling into a new home after our estate agents at Harrison Murray helped them sell their former property in just five weeks.

The Mylums previously had their bungalow, in March in Cambridgeshire, on the market with a rival estate agency for six months - and had a grand total of zero viewings. But that all changed when they began advertising it with Harrison Murray.

It was around referendum time and at one point the pair thought that uncertainty surrounding a possible 'Brexit' (which of course came to fruition) was what was putting some people off.

But the change of agent proved that thought wrong as, just three viewings later, they sealed a deal to sell for their asking price. And that in turn gave them the green light to have a fresh start and bag their "dream home" in Boston, the Lincolnshire town 40 miles north of March.

Steve, 55, said: "We have been given a fresh start thanks to Harrison Murray and are loving life in our dream home.

"At one point previously, when we were struggling to sell, we thought we might have a long wait due to Brexit uncertainty but Harrison Murray proved that you can always get the move you want if you use the right estate agency.

"Having had no viewings at all in six months we decided to change agents and go back to Harrison Murray in March, who we had bought and sold with previously, and are so glad we did.

"They did everything quickly and expertly and made sure that when they got people in to view our old house they weren't 'time wasters' - they were people genuinely looking for a property like that."

As well as the proactivity we showed in getting serious viewings, the Mylums were also mightily impressed with the customer service they received and also that they were able to capitalise on using the conveyancing services available too.

Brenda, 67, added: "From the first time we walked into the Harrison Murray office we felt welcome and that we were in the hands of experts, and experts who cared at that.

"They thought nothing of making phone calls to potential viewers in front of our very eyes so we were completely in the loop and could see what they were doing.

"Throughout the entire process - which was extremely quick at just five weeks - we were treated with honesty and respect and Nicola and Tracey always conducted their business with beaming smiles on their faces. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with.

"Add to that the fact that we utilised the agency's excellent conveyancing services - which went without a hitch - and we ended up with a service, and end result, which was highly satisfactory. We would recommend Harrison Murray to anyone."

Former civil servant Steve, who now cares for Brenda full-time, explained that Harrison Murray being part of the UK's ninth largest building society, The Nottingham, was another redeeming and reassuring feature.

He added: "That is something that definitely adds credibility - it is the extra seal of approval that tells you that the people there know what they are doing.

"In terms of the 'all-under-one-roof' offerings such as mortgages, home insurance and savings plans I can see that there are huge benefits, even if they would be more of value to say, first time buyers, than to us in our situation.

"Ultimately when you make the kind of investment, financially and emotionally, that house buying and selling is, you want to know there is trust, honesty and expertise in place.

"That's definitely the case with Harrison Murray, who are the real deal. And being part of The Nottingham only heightens that."

For more information about The Nottingham's estate agency arm, visit www.thenottingham.com/property.

Harrison Murray’s Tracey Palmer and Nicola Roberts with Brenda and Steve Mylum.


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