Louise cheques in with life-saving consultant

Courageous Louise James has been reunited with the Nottingham-based consultant who, along with his team, saved her life after what she presumed was a migraine developed into a dangerous brain illness.

The 31-year-old, from Arnold, returned to the Queen’s Medical Centre to meet Dr Bruno Gran and hand over a cheque for £200 – money raised by her and colleagues here at The Nottingham for the hospital’s neurology department.

Louise, who works as a sales progressor in our estate agency team, fell poorly in 2012 when pregnant with her daughter India, who is now three.

After a fortnight in hospital Louise’s head pains worsened and her breathing became erratic so more tests were carried out and when it was discovered that the acid levels in her blood were at extremely dangerous levels she was fitted with a tracheostomy and taken to intensive care, suffering from autoimmune encephalitis.

Louise was unconscious for the next two weeks and the prognosis was starting to look very bleak, although the brilliant hospital team were able to ensure everything was ok with her unborn baby.

It was at that point that Dr Gran was given the go ahead to try a new treatment – immunoglobulins. Almost miraculously Louise started to feel better straight away and was soon transferred to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) and then back to the neurology ward.

Louise explained: “It all came on so suddenly and was very scary, not least because I was pregnant with India at the time. At one stage it looked as though they might have to terminate her to save my life.

“What Dr Gran and the entire team at the QMC did for me, and India, was second to none and I can’t thank them enough for their professionalism, expertise, care and compassion.

“When I returned to the neurology ward from the HDU, nurses were walking past me and doing a ‘double take’ as they couldn’t quite believe that someone who had been so poorly was on the mend.

“Thankfully India was also born healthy at 8lbs 1oz, five days late, so there was a happy ending thanks to everyone who looked after me at the QMC.”

So it was fitting that when Louise and colleagues organised a series of four ‘non-uniform days’ recently one of the recipients chosen for a share of the £800 raised was the neurology ward at the QMC.

Charities that also benefitted from the kind-hearted dress-down efforts were the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Beaumond House Hospice in Newark.
Louise added: “Returning to the QMC to meet Dr Gran and some of his colleagues over three years after they saved my life was a very emotional experience but one I’m glad I had, not least to be able to hand over the cheque.

“I can’t put into words how appreciative I am for what they did for me and my family and hopefully the money will help them continue to provide such excellent patient care.”

Dr Bruno Gran, Louise James and her three-year-old daughter, India.


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