Jordan and Emma's Lifetime ISA story

Excited couple Jordan Martin and Emma Collins are getting ready to move into their first home - in double-quick time thanks to both using their Lifetime ISA bonuses.

The 22-year-olds have exchanged contracts on a new build property in a village not far from The Nottingham’s Huntingdon branch, where they both opened their accounts 18 months ago. 

Jordan and Emma initially planned on at least three years to save a deposit, however the 25% Government bonus* that comes with the LISA has made the dream a reality much faster. 

Now they are looking forward to being in their perfect property, a three-bed semi, when building work is completed in a couple of months’ time. 

Marketing executive Emma explained: “I went away to university in London for a chunk of the five years that Jordan and I have been together but when I moved back in with family I missed having my independence. 

“Jordan felt the same as he has been living at home too. We decided to save the deposit for a first house together but thought that it would take several years. 

“When we found out about the LISA and factored the bonuses into our savings plan, we realised we might be able to do things quicker than we thought and now we can’t wait to be in our own home.” 

Jordan, a customer services consultant with The Nottingham, added: “When I found out about the LISA I knew it was perfect for us. I opened one straight away and Emma opened hers a week later. 

“In essence we have been given a chunk of free money that we would have had to have spent another year or two saving ourselves. That gave us a real incentive to stick to our goals and be disciplined with our savings plans. 

“We are now busy getting ready for the big move and I have a deal with Emma that she can decorate the new house exactly as she fancies, as long as I can put my fish tank wherever I want!”

Our Lifetime ISA has moved

The Lifetime ISA is now available with Beehive Money via the app and the website for existing members. Existing online Lifetime ISA customers will now have been migrated from The Nottingham to Beehive Money and they’ll now be a part of a sociable saving community with helpful tools and easy-to-use features. Beehive Money is designed to help you track and manage your savings effortlessly.  

If you don’t already have a Nottingham Building Society LISA, download the Beehive Money app to join the VIBee waiting list to be the first to know when new applications are being accepted.


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