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We’ve challenged a selection of bloggers, content creators and the public to only spend their money on the essentials for one week. Check out the My No Spend Week hub for some inspiration on saving. Maybe a ‘no spend’ week could change how you view your spending habits?

We’ve quizzed our diarists on how they feel about their spending habits before their challenge week and then after, how they might approach saving and spending in the future. Today we’re hearing from Kristina. 


I'm 26, half Italian and half Serbian Account Manager from Bournemouth, I've been living in England for nearly 10 years. I've been furloughed until quite recently but I'm back to the 9-5 grind but still working from home. I love blogging, taking photos, illustrating and travelling! My little blog, Creepers & Cupcakes, has won a couple of awards over the years and despite blogs not being as popular as they once were, I still very much enjoy writing on mine. My biggest focus is breaking up with fast fashion!

Are you a saver?

I am currently saving money. I tend to do it straight away so it’s out of sight and I’m not tempted to treat myself more than I should - however - I do admit that I tend to ‘dip’ into my savings here and there. I was saving up for a holiday to California for this summer, however as this is now postponed, I am trying to save most of my money for flat renovations. I’d like to have enough saved to not have to worry if for some reason I need extra money to pay for situations that may pop up unexpectedly. 

My worst spending habit is spending on clothes, drinks and eating out so during lockdown I realised how much money I can save by not going out for cocktails every weekend or for meals - that’s for sure been the biggest eye-opener. You may think it’s not a big deal to have a couple of 2 for 1 drinks at your local bar but it certainly adds up!

Take the No Spend challenge 


There’s a sale on my favourite vintage store and one of the blazers I love is half price. Deep breaths. You don’t need another blazer, Kris. Back off, close the tab. Now. (Saved myself £30) I’ve cut my fast fashion consumption massively in 2020 but that does make me spend a lot on vintage items!


My favourite takeaway coffee shop on the beach has reopened! But I’m trying to avoid crowds and save money so it’s going to have to be a no. I saved myself £3.50 for declining a cappuccino. Kris, are you ok? No coffee until you get home from your walk.


I sold some items on Depop, worth £30, so I’m heading into town to send them. Usually I would pop by Tesco and grab some snacks but I will save the extra cash I made for the piggy bank. I usually also like to spend the money I earn from Depop back into clothes as well but not this month.


I've done the grocery shop and stuck to the list. I get carried away in the dangerous middle isles and come home with random bits! Saved myself £10 easily.


I love to have a cheeky drink on Friday nights but decided to avoid it. Been doing so well with my fitness - might as well cut the alcohol too. No white rum and pineapple juice so I’m saving £20!


We like to get on Beryl bikes (similar to Boris bikes in London!) and go for a long cycle but we’ll walk instead this weekend. Saved 5 quid!


We were quite tempted to order a pizza as takeaway but instead decided to make the pizza from scratch with the ingredients in the flat! It was fun and still tasted amazing. Saved £30.

The verdict

I haven’t missed spending to be honest. With a lot of things, it’s just avoiding unnecessary stuff. Growing up I always had smaller budgets and my family made me appreciate the value of money and hard work. I just think now that I’m a little older and manage to save money fairly well, I also like to treat myself more often. I don’t think that’s bad, but some months I just get a little carried away and buy a little more than I should using my blog as an excuse to spend! (Oops)

I’m happy with the fact that I’ve saved a fair bit of money! That’s gone straight to my savings account now and I’ve easily saved just over £100. I absolutely considered each purchase more. I do like to buy stuff that I know I will get a lot wear out of and I’ve been enjoying ordering food to the flat now that we don’t go out for meals. However that can be such a waste of money and you can make a budget friendly version at home from scratch with your partner and have fun. My little treats like takeaway coffees and snacks aren’t often necessary but I do like to support my local cafes but it’s about finding that balance and also not ‘over’ treating myself! 

I would like to cut down even more on unnecessary spending as much as I can and inspire others to do so too such as younger people who can be pressured by social media to constantly buy new clothes. To cut my clothes spending habits I have taken part in a 3 months challenge too! Starting this week, I will ban myself from buying any fast-fashion clothes and join the slow fashion movement by only shopping preloved and in small quantities. I think this will help me save even more! 

I think it’s going to take more time to get this sort of habit into my daily routine but seeing that I can simply spend less and save more without it being a struggle just proves that really I should tone it down a little. 

Your No Spend Week?

So, what do you think? Could you go a whole week and only spend on essentials? No treats or coffees or new clothes? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook and if you’d like to write your own ‘My No Spend Week’ diary – send us an email telling us all about yourself to Check out our range of savings accounts and our Essential Savings Guides too for some more tips and tricks for saving money.

*The featured content creators have been paid to take part in and keep a diary of their ‘My No Spend Week challenge’. However the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed belong solely to the content creator and the opportunity is open to members of the public too if they also wished to take part in the challenge. There is no commercial relationship between The Nottingham or content creator and any products or brand mentioned in their diary


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