Water Saving Week

Water Saving Week is on its sixth year of campaigning for the UK to save water. This annual event, run by WaterWise, aims to raise awareness of the issues around water use. By having this awareness we can reduce our carbon footprint, be more eco-friendly, improve life for some wildlife and save ourselves some money.

The UK actually has less available water per person than most other European countries. According to WaterWise, London is technically drier than Istanbul! This is due to climate change, population increases and changes in lifestyle which have led to increasing pressure being put on our water supplies. The themes that WaterWise have for this year are the following: 

MONDAY – Save water to reduce your carbon footprint
TUESDAY – Save water and help your community to thrive
WEDNESDAY – Save water to save wildlife
THURSDAY – Save water to save cash
FRIDAY – Save water to keep the UK beautiful


By saving water we can all save money which is obviously an initiative that we here at The Nottingham are concerned about for the financial welfare of our members. Here are a few tips for saving money relating to your water consumption.

  1. Try installing simple devices such as water-efficient taps and showers. You could save both water and energy by minimising the use of heated water. 
  2. Have less baths and more showers when it’s time for your daily dip, this will use less water. 
  3. Only use what you need. Fill the pan or kettle with only as much water as you need for your cup of tea or to boil your pasta, this will also save energy. 
  4. Turn off taps whilst you’re brushing your teeth and put the plug in whilst shaving to save up to 12 litres of water. 
  5. Only wash with a full load of washing – this again will save water and energy from running your washing machine. 
  6. Invest in a water butt in your garden for collecting rainwater and watering your plants or veggies. Around 90,000 litres of rainwater falls on the average roof in one year. 
Do some research on the most efficient water saving devices and see where you could apply them within your own home. Check your water bill from month to month to see if they’ve helped. Read our tips on how to save money and energy in your home here and also how to save money in general here. 

Water saving week

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