Three ways to improve the energy efficiency of a property and the benefits

Let’s kick off with five of the benefits of having a more energy efficient property as a landlord.
  1. Being more energy efficient is better for the environment
  2. Your property will be more pleasant to live in and your tenants will be more comfortable
  3. It will be cheaper for you if the bills are included in the rent that your tenants pay
  4. Your property will receive a better EPC rating. From April 2020 properties with an rating of below an 'E' cannot be rented.
  5. There could be funding available to help you improve your energy rating. Find out more here.

Here are HM Lettings' three ways to make your property more energy efficient. 

1. Choosing energy efficient light bulbs

The simplest and easiest of them all is upgrading your light bulbs from older low-energy bulbs to LED (Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs will mean that they’ll last up to 25 years longer. Energy company, EDF predict that we could save around £35 per year on electricity bills if all bulbs in our homes were LED¹.

This would be beneficial to the landlord if you’re paying the electricity bill or a positive for potential tenants to let them know that you’re doing your best to help them save money. 

2. Appliance maintenance for energy saving

If appliances are included in your rental property, it's important to make them as energy efficient as possible. This will be attractive to potential tenants.


  • Clean and defrost the fridge-freezer each time you have a new tenant
  • If you are including white goods with your property, ensure these have a good energy rating to minimise the costs to your tenants.


  • A dual-flush toilet uses less water so your tenant could save money on this bill
  • For the shower, choosing a water-efficient shower head can reduce water use ‘by up to 40% while lower flow taps could reduce your water use by nearly 70%²’. As well as lowering the water bill, it will use less electricity trying to heat the water too.

3. Heating and energy efficiency

If your property is fully furnished make sure that there isn’t any furniture in front of radiators as this will block a lot of the heat and draft-proof windows and doors to also help with the cost of heating a property. 

Boiler and heating maintenance is a huge factor when it comes to keeping a property energy efficient. A very old boiler (25 years or more!) can lose as much as 40% of the energy that it actually produces whereas more modern boilers are around 90-94% efficient3

Insulation and double glazing are also huge factors in making sure your property is as warm and energy efficient as possible. Find out more at the Energy Saving Trust

Minimum level of energy efficiency

As of 2018, landlords of domestic private rented properties must comply with the minimum level of energy efficiency standard to an EPC rating of at least ‘E’ ahead of all new and renewed tenancies. And, on April 1st 2020, all currently rented properties will need to be 'E' rated or above, not just new tenancies. The current minimum energy efficient standard rules have been here since April 2018 in order to improve the energy efficiency and environmental impact of private rental properties. An EPC rates a property in bands from the most efficient at A to the least efficient at G and is valid for 10 years from the date that it is issued. Find out more at

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2 - EDF Energy Efficient Appliances 
3 - The Heating Hub

Energy Efficiency

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