What you could save in just three months

It can seem difficult to make saving a priority when prices seem to keep on rising and there are regular bills to pay.

But you’d be surprised where you can rein in your spending – and how little you need to set aside to watch your savings start to grow

Whether you’re getting your finances organised for Christmas, saving for a car, or even a deposit on a new home, sometimes all it takes is focus, and a little willpower to become a regular saver

Even on a modest income, once you can get into a good routine with your saving, the total will soon mount up.

And The Nottingham will help it grow by paying you regular interest.

So how much can you afford to save? 

Start by writing down your income and outgoings and work out your “spare” cash, or pocket money for day-to-day spending.  Then think about where you can shave a little off…

Even if there’s little left, there are still ways to save. So where could you cut back?

Here are five tips to immediately save money:
  1. Open a savings account with as little as £1, arrange to make a deposit every month, perhaps agree to leave your money for a year to let it grow – or stash it in a tax-free ISA savings account
  2. Swap your daily skinny latte for a freebie at work – it’ll save you well over £100 in three months.
  3. Save up to £5 each day if you take a packed lunch to work. Doing this just two days a week leaves an extra £120 in your pocket over a 12-week stretch.
  4. Slim down your TV subscription package – you’d be surprised what you can live without. A Sky subscription without sport or movies could be £75 cheaper over three months.
  5. Check your best-before dates on food – and make sure you eat it before you have to bin it.
That’s around £300 in your first three months – and here are more ways to save…
  • Use a cashback website – you could save on everything from car insurance to a new toaster.
  • If you’re on eBay, bid for “collection only” items – there’s much less competition.
  • Review your utility bills to make sure you’re on the best deal possible. If you’ve been with one company for more than a year there’s a good chance there’s a cheaper option out there. 
  • Save on petrol and parking by walking to your destination instead of driving - or use public transport. Review your bank statements for unwanted subscriptions like gyms and magazines.
  • Shop around for your mobile phone contract and home and car insurance.
  • Write a shopping list for your groceries – and stick to it! Beware of impulse purchases.
  • Get yourself down to the local car boot sale – but SELL your unwanted items and don’t buy a thing.
  • Then, when you're redesigning at home, check sites like preloved.co.uk and freecycle.org where people give away their old furniture.
  • And finally, prepare for Christmas early! Buy gifts when you see them and when they’re on offer. First of all you save money and secondly, it makes the pre-Christmas frenzy a little less stressful.
Here are all of our savings accounts – and how they compare.

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