Mortgages FAQs

Existing mortgage customers

Can I make overpayments on my mortgage?

Can I rent out my property?

My current mortgage product has come to an end, do you have other products available for existing mortgage customers?

Can I have details of interest paid on my mortgage from the last financial year for the Inland Revenue?

How can I pay my monthly mortgage amount?

What should I do if I’m worried about paying my mortgage?

Can I take a break in my mortgage payments?

Can I ask someone else to contact you about my mortgage on my behalf?

What is the minimum capital payment I can make?

When I make a capital payment when is the interest re-calculated from?

When is the best time to make a capital payment?

Making changes to your mortgage account

Can I change the term on my mortgage?

Can I change how I repay my interest only mortgage or capital and interest mortgage (also known as repayment)?

Can I change my monthly mortgage payment date?

Can I change the bank account I pay my mortgage from?

Redeeming your mortgage

If a Direct Debit has been taken after I redeemed my mortgage, when will this be returned to my bank?

If I have an annual interest account, why do I have to pay interest to the end of the month?

When will the last mortgage payment be collected prior to redemption?

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