Be inspired by the horticultural season to get your garden sale-ready

Early summer is the perfect time to get out in the garden and bring your outdoor space back to life after the winter.

Mowing the lawns, planting some seasonal flowers and shrubs, pressure-washing the patio and giving the shed a fresh coat of paint – ideal jobs to kick-start the gardening season.

And, taking things one step further, anyone who has a passion for plants and the hots for horticulture will no doubt be turning their thoughts to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

May is the time when designers and horticulturists entice, excite and enthral royalty, celebrity guests, VIP visitors and the general public with their gardening creations.

And hopefully, some Chelsea Flower Show fever will rub off on sellers preparing their own home and garden for a summer sale – say our estate agents.

Head of Estate Agency Su Snaith explains: “All too often, gardens – whatever the size or style – are forgotten in the seller’s race to make the most of a property.

“However, a garden can be just as seductive as the house to prospective buyers, particularly if it is recognised as an extra ‘room’, and should receive the same attention as the rest of the property.

“An outdoor space can mean different things to different people. Families may be content with using their garden as an extension of their home to create additional space or the children or for entertaining.

“Others, however, are happy to have a small space which entails very little maintenance but is pleasant to look at.”

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to carry out some simple but effective tasks:

  • The front garden or front of the property is the starting point – we all know that first impressions really do count. Make sure your front garden is neat, tidy and easily maintained. Hanging baskets and planted containers create the cared-for look without creating too much work. Any lawn areas should be neatly trimmed, and trees cut back and controlled. Adding a few pots by the front door will create a welcoming touch.
  • The same applies to the back garden – whether you have a gravelled area with a few pots or a well-manicured lawn with lush herbaceous borders. Ensure that the garden is clutter-free and put away tools, outdoor toys, and throw away any broken pots. Make sure that there is no washing on the line during viewings.
  • Decking, paving and woodchips can be used to differentiate areas of the garden and simplify them, often generating a very desirable 'outside room' space, which will be attractive to buyers.
  • A quick and easy trick to create a great look is edging. Take a spade and create deeply defined edges around trees and flowerbeds to give that professional look.
  • If there is space, you could consider installing a summerhouse and/or a shed. Even a nice table and some chairs will give instant appeal to those who enjoy alfresco dining.
  • Lighten things up a little with some solar powered lighting, which gives the garden a whole new look as dusk falls.
  • A well-maintained and cared for garden will boost the value of your property as well as making it more attractive when the time comes to selling it. It can also enhance the general streetscape and consequently the perception of the area as a desirable place to live.
  • Don’t forget to clean the any windows which look out onto your garden to give potential buyers the best view from indoors.


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