Work out why you've been charged

There are times when we may have to charge fees to your account. When this happens, we will deduct the charge from your account from the date of the transaction. We will either tell you at the time or write to you to tell you the charge we have made. The reasons for charges are: 

Unpaid cheques

If you pay a cheque into your account and the bank returns it unpaid, we will charge you £15.

Telegraphic transfer (CHAPS)

Our CHAPS service is available for when you want to make a high-value, same day payment to someone in the UK. Providing we receive your request by 1.00pm we can transfer the money to your recipient on the same day.

Providing there are sufficient cleared funds available to cover your transaction and fees, there is no minimum or maximum transfer limit.

The charge for sending a CHAPS payment from your savings account is £25.

Ordering a copy of your statement

You can get a copy of your current or previous statement(s) by contacting your local branch. We will charge you £15 per account.

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Discuss your savings in a COVID-safe branch

To open an account, call your local branch and speak to an adviser. All our branches are COVID-safe and practice safe social distancing. Our advisers will be able to discuss any concerns you may have.

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