Starter ISA Issue 7

Our Starter ISA Issue 7 offers you the perfect way to build your ISA savings steadily. As a regular savings account, you have the flexibility to vary the amount you save - you can deposit up to £1,600 each month or even miss a payment. If you haven't reached your maximum allowance, this account also offers a one-off opportunity to top up your account to the maximum ISA subscription limit in March 2018 (currently £20,000). The Starter ISA Issue 7 is a limited issue account and can only be opened in one of our branches.

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Account details

  • Earn interest tax free*

  • Perfect for building up your savings with regular payments

  • Deposit up to £2,400 during first month

  • Save between £1-£1,600 every month

  • Opportunity to top up your account to £20,000 in March 2018

Summary table

Account name

Starter ISA Issue 7

Interest rates (AERs)

Annual interest 2.25% tax-free p.a./AER*

The interest on this account is variable, this means that it can go up or down. The basis on which we might change your interest rate is set out in our terms and conditions.

Tax status


Conditions for bonus payments

No bonus payable

Withdrawal arrangements

No withdrawals are allowed during the term of the account. You can transfer money to another ISA but you will lose 180 days' interest on the amount transferred



Additional information

There are other savings accounts available with The Nottingham and other banks and building societies. Subject to withdrawal conditions you can switch accounts at any point

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  • Rates & account details
  • Managing your account
  • Opening an account

Your interest

We will pay your annual tax-free interest into your Starter ISA Issue 7 on 5 April 2018 when the account matures. We will send a statement to you shortly after this date telling you how much interest you've earned.

Paying money in

The minimum amount to open an account is £10.

Customers may deposit up to £2,400 during the first month their account is open.

You can then make an unlimited amount of deposits as long as the total amount invested does not exceed £1,600 per calendar month, except in March 2018 when the balance can be made up to £20,000. 

If you would like to use your maximum ISA allowance (£20,000) by investing in a stocks and shares ISA too, we can offer this through our financial planning service.

Please note that with a stocks and shares ISA, their value can fall as well as rise.

Taking money out

Withdrawals are not allowed on this account. However, you are permitted to transfer money from this account to a new ISA provider.

Transfers out are subject to a charge equivalent to 180 days' interest - please consider this before opening this account.

You must keep at least this £10 in your account at all times.

What happens when the term ends?

The Starter ISA Issue 7 is a term account and when the term ends on 5 April 2018, your account balance will be transfered to our instant access Cash ISA  account, or the nearest equivalent at the time. You will continue to earn tax-free interest at the prevailing variable Cash ISA rate.

How to open

To open an account you must:

Call your local branch and speak to one of our advisers and find out how you could benefit from a savings account.

Exclusive rewards for members

We're committed to helping you save money, buy your own home and plan for a more secure financial future - whatever challenges life throws. If you have a savings balance of at least £500, and either have held one of our savings accounts for at least the last 12 months or currently have a Nottingham Building Society mortgage, you can benefit from a range of offers.

Current interest rates from 6 Apr 2017

Balance Tax-free p.a. / AER* Net rate
£10 - £20,000 2.25% Tax-free

*We will pay your interest free of UK income tax. Your tax treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. The tax treatment of ISAs may also change. AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. It shows what the interest rate would be if the interest was reinvested in the account each year. Interest rates are variable unless otherwise stated.

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