Important information about your bonus payments

If you have a Regular Saver account with bonus interest rate, you do not have to pay money into your account every month to qualify for your bonus. You will only miss out on the bonus interest rate if you make more than two withdrawals in the interest payment year or if the account is closed during this period. 

We ask that you please only visit branches for essential activities during this time, such as cash withdrawals for essential purchases. 

If you’re coming to branch to make a monthly payment into your regular saver account, there's no need for you to do this in person. You can make a payment electronically from your bank or building society using a faster payment or standing order. You’ll need to quote sort code 60-95-93 and your Nottingham Building Society account number. Alternatively you can send a cheque and your passbook to our member engagement team at:

Nottingham Building Society
Nottingham House
3 Fulforth Street

Please ensure all cheques are made payable to the account holder.

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If you're aged between 18-39 you could earn up to £1,000 per year in free cash from the Government (until your 50th birthday) to put towards your first home or retirement. For every £4 you invest, you will receive a £1 bonus