Hints and tips to help you be aware of different types of scams

For over 170 years, Nottingham Building Society has strived to be a safe and secure place for your savings and we take the financial education of our customers seriously. Here in our scams and security hub you’ll find hints and tips that will help you be aware to multiple types of different scams, how to protect yourself against fraud, how to keep yourself safe online and we explain the ways that we protect you and your money.

How we protect you

How we protect you

We are constantly reviewing and improving our approaches to ensure we remain equipped to deal with the latest threats. 

Where can I get more help about fraud?

Here are some links to websites where you can find out more about the latest fraud threat faced in the UK.

How to keep yourself safe online and offline

Here are the main ways to ensure your online and your offline self is as safe as possible

Doorstep crime

Keep yourself safe from bogus callers and doorstep criminals with these hints and tips.
In person crime

In person crime

What's the difference between authorised and unauthorised fraud? Plus other important things to watch out for. 
Online Crime

Online crime

When it comes to online activity there are many places that fraudsters could try to target innocent internet users. 

Financial abuse

Find out more information about what financial abuse could look like, who could be at risk and see how your financial service provider can help if you are a victim of it.

Phishing, vishing and smishing

There are numerous types of fraud where you could be contacted in order to try and scam you into parting with your money.

Confirmation of Payee

Confirmation of Payee is a service which has been designed to confirm if a payment is being sent to the right person and will alert you if something is wrong. 

Little book of big scams

Read the fifth edition of the Metropolitan Police Service's series that raises awareness of some of the ever-evolving ways criminals use to scam you out of your hard-earned cash.