Nottingham Building Society mortgages

If you've already got a Nottingham Building Society mortgage, we can help you understand all of the options available to you and can answer any questions you might have about your mortgage.


Mortgage broker service from Mortgage Advice Bureau

Nottingham Building Society mortgages may not be right for everyone and if that's the case, Mortgage Advice Bureau advisers can look at over 90 different lenders to find the right deal for you, whether that's Santander, Nationwide, Halifax or one of the other lenders they compare.



I'd like to contact Nottingham Building Society about my deal

If you have a Nottingham Building Society mortgage and would like to talk to us about it you can find our contact information here.
Mortgage FAQs

I've got a question about my mortgage

If you have a question about your Nottingham Building Society mortgage you may find the answers within our FAQ section.

I'd like award-winning mortgage advice

Mortgage Advice Bureau look at thousands of mortgages from over 90 different lenders to find the right deal for you.


I'm moving home and would like to see what my options are

Moving home is a great time to revisit your mortgage and potentially get a better deal which could save money on your mortgage repayments.
Financial difficulties

I'm facing payment difficulties, what are my options?

If you’ve fallen behind with your mortgage payments or you’re worried you might start to struggle, then we're here to help.
Interest rate rise

How could changes to the base rate affect me?

The Bank of England's base rate determines how banks and building societies set rates for their mortgages and savings accounts.

I'm a first time buyer looking for a mortgage

Finding the right mortgage may seem like a confusing process. Mortgage Advice Bureau compare mortgages for first time buyers.

I'm looking for a buy-to-let mortgage

Whether you’re buying your first rental property or expanding your portfolio, let Mortgage Advice Bureau find you the right mortgage.

I'd like to switch my Nottingham Building Society deal

It's simple to switch your deal if your current Nottingham Building Society mortgage is coming to its end. Find out how we can help.

I'd like to use a mortgage calculator

In a few minutes you can quickly work out how much your monthly mortgage payments could be with our helpful calculator.


I'm looking to remortgage as my deal is coming to an end

Whether you’re moving home or looking to get a better deal on your existing mortgage, you could save money by remortgaging.

Why do we use a mortgage partner?

We've partnered with national award-winners Mortgage Advice Bureau because they're one of the UK's leading mortgage brokers.