Allie Redmond – Social media and content manager

Allie looks after the society’s social content, working in the marketing department doing everything from posting on social channels to producing written and video content for our website. 

I’m a social media and content manager so it’s my job to look after how we look as a brand on social media and also create helpful content. This includes videos and blog post articles that sit on our website and can be shared via social as well as in emails and found organically via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – basically as near to the top of a Google search as we possibly can get by using tips and tricks that Google like in our articles and on our webpages. 

I have worked in social media since my second year of university, where I worked with a lady who had her own styling business managing her Twitter and Pinterest accounts. I have worked in ‘content’ since I began my blog in 2011 as part of university and then have had freelance website content jobs and work experience until I got my first full-time role after university in 2014. I now have nine years in blogging and six years full-time in social media. I enjoy creating content that people enjoy reading and/or watching that is helpful or entertaining to them, this covers both social media and content.

A typical day will start with making a cup of tea, checking emails for anything urgent that’s happening within the business or the industry that I may need to action first then I check all of our social channels. 

We have Facebook and Twitter for Nottingham Building Society, the same for Nottingham Estate Agency and lettings, plus LinkedIn and Twitter for our Intermediaries side of the business. We also have a Pinterest account which feeds into content for Nottingham Building Society and Nottingham Estate Agency. 

I’ll check all of these channels to answer any questions or comments from customers and then I’ll update each channel with a post for the day and then on Facebook I’ll ‘boost’ these which means putting money behind it to reach more people that would be interested in the piece which helps to advertise our brand. We have a schedule for each channel which is where I know what I’m going to post each day. This could be anything from a product post to an update on some of the great Community work we have been doing, or even a competition with one of our Sponsorship teams Leicester Tigers or Nottingham Panthers.

The rest of my day will revolve around ideas, creation and getting sign-off on content for our social media or website. This could be a suite of adverts for Mortgage Advice Bureau, an influencer or blogger video or article talking about our Lifetime ISA, a blog post around home insurance for our website or thinking of competition ideas. 

For influencer pieces I’ll have to find a blogger and liaise with them or their agent via email or on the phone in order to organise the sponsored advert and make sure the messaging is correct. 

With articles on the website I will have to research the topic, find gaps where we don’t have articles already, see what’s happening in the news or topically such as seasonal events to do with finance or home improvements. I then write the articles and gain approval from the team and any third parties involved. This could be anything from kitchen hints and tips to how to get a mortgage.

In terms of adverts and posts on social media, these will be based on products or our third party offering and I will work with the wider marketing team on their campaign timelines. We’ll have a creative meeting and I’ll brief some designs into the design studio before creating the copy (words) to go along with the advert. Then, it’s approvals time again!

I’ll check in on the busiest channels a few times a day or more if I know that there is a customer that I am having a conversation with and trying to help with something. If I don’t know the answer to anything I’ll pass them on to our lovely customer services team in the contact centre.

Once a month I do a report of the activity that has happened the month before, usually in the first few days of the month and this will look at the reach and engagement on the posts that we have put out on Facebook and what pieces of content performed the best. This helps me to know what the audience reacts to best and what we should do more of

You definitely have to be organised in this role and I regularly use spreadsheets and ‘to do’ lists to keep on top of things.


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