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If you’ve got any questions about the building society and how it works, then we’re happy for you to send in your questions. It can be anything from what the chief executive’s favourite colour is through to what we plan to do with our chosen charities.

If you email your questions in we’ll try our best to respond and share with you.

Q: How many branches do you have?

A: We have 67 branches over 11 counties - many of these include estate agency services. You can find the branch closest to you by using our branch finder.

Q: Is there a branch near me?

A: We have building society branches in Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire and Norfolk and our estate agencies cover these areas as well as Northamptonshire. You can use our branch finder to find the closest one to you.

Q: Do you do online banking?

A: Yes, we do have an online savings account. Our online savings account provides a simple and secure way to manage your savings online. Find out more about online savings accounts.

Q: Can I talk to you about mortgages if I don’t live near a branch?

A: We have a team of highly qualified mortgage advisers available to talk to you over the phone from 8am – 7pm Monday to Thursday, 8am – 6pm on Friday and 9am – 12.30pm on Saturday. Please call 0344 481 0013 to talk to one of our advisers.

Q: Do you sell houses?

A: Yes, we do. We are one of the largest regional estate agencies in the East Midlands. Please visit our estate agency website.

Q: Do you have mobile apps?

A: We constantly strive to give our customers the best possible experience online. We are continuously improving our website. However, at this stage we don’t have any plans for any mobile apps.

Q: Who are your partner charities and how were these selected?

A: When we set up our community programme we engaged our board and staff in identifying the causes that were important to them. We also looked at our humble beginnings as a building society as this remains a key influence in our community work. We believe that people should have a roof over their head, access to financial education and be able to thrive in the world of work. In 2011 we chose to support East Midlands-based homelessness charity Framework, followed by SportsAid (supporting up and coming athletes in our communities) in 2013 and Young Enterprise (supporting employability and financial education) in 2015. We are also an official donation point for Comic Relief, Children in Need and Macmillan and every year work with a range of local charities through our 'Grants for Good' programme. Visit our 'Community' page to find out more.

Q: If I sign up to your newsletter will you sell my information on?

A: No, you don’t need to worry. At The Nottingham we won’t sell your information on to any third parties to use either by post, telephone or email. For further information about the way we collect information, how we use it and how we protect it, please see a copy of our Privacy Policy, which is available at

Q: What is a ‘whole of the market’ mortgage?

A: Think of us as mortgage brokers. When a customer comes to us looking for a mortgage we search over 50 lenders and then recommend the best mortgage to suit the customer’s needs. Like other building societies, we do sell our own mortgages, but we would only recommend this if it was the best mortgage for their requirements.

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