Women in Finance Charter

The Nottingham is proud to be signatory to the Women in Finance Charter, a government initiative designed to improve gender diversity in senior positions within the financial services sector.  The Charter has been introduced in 2016 following the publication of the government-led review “Empowering Productivity: Harnessing the talents of women in financial services” by Jayne-Anne Gadhia.

The Society has a strong record on diversity and inclusion achieved over many years and continues to focus and invest efforts in this area.  We were therefore delighted to see that The Nottingham featured in the Gadhia review as one of the leading organisations in the rankings of female leadership representation across the financial services industry and the only Building Society in the top 20 financial services organisations.

The Society has, over many years, maintained a gender balance across all levels of leadership within the organisation, including at Board Level (Executive and Non–Executive Directors) and Senior Leadership level, which has been achieved whilst pursuing a strategy of appointing the right individuals for roles, regardless of gender.

Current and previous Board & Senior Leadership level gender diversity

Sept 2016

 Sept 2015

Sept 2014

As part of our commitment to the Women in Finance Charter, and, in the context of our strong position in terms of gender balance, we have set a floor for gender diversity across our senior leadership population. We will monitor and report our progress against this on this website page. We will endeavour to ensure our strong current position does not reduce and of course may indeed rise further.

Board & Senior Leadership level gender diversity floor of


We are confident that robust succession planning, talent development and opportunities for promotion will continue to contribute towards maintaining a strong female representation at senior levels with key talent being engaged, developed and promoted into senior roles.

At The Nottingham we are justly proud of our current position on diversity and inclusion that has been achieved over many years. Our Senior Leadership composition reflects our staff, customers and wider communities and, in signing the Women in Finance Charter, we pledge to continue to focus and invest in this area across our whole business.

David Marlow, Chief Executive Officer


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