Meet The Nottingham's Board

The Board of The Nottingham includes three full-time executive directors and five non-executive directors. The Board, which normally meets monthly, is responsible for directing and supervising the Group’s affairs. It sets the strategy for the business, ensures that the correct financial and human resources are in place for the Group to meet its objectives and reviews management performance. 

The Chairman is responsible for leading the Board and is not involved in the day-to-day management of the Society. 

There are a number of Board Committees to which the Board has delegated authority – the Audit Committee, the Nominations Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Risk Committee.

Please see the Board and Committee membership and their Terms of Reference below.

Current Board of Directors 

Chairman: John Edwards
I joined the Board in February 2012 and was appointed Chairman in May 2014. In my executive career, I have held a number of roles at a CEO level in the insurance and investment sector, retiring in 2009. I was the senior independent non-executive director of the LV Group until September 2015 and am currently a non-executive director of Saga Services Ltd and GreyCastle Life Reinsurance (SAC) Ltd.

Vice-chairman and Senior Independent Director: Jane Kibbey BSc, MCIPD
I joined the Board in 2006 and have a wide range of experience in financial services and human resources. I worked in a range of high profile companies, retiring as Group Human Resources Director for Prudential Plc after holding the role for nine years.

Chief Executive: David Marlow* ACIB
I joined the Board in 2006 and became Chief Executive in 2011. Prior to my appointment as Chief Executive, I held the post of Retail Director. I have over 30 years’ experience drawn from a number of senior roles in the financial services industry. Before joining The Nottingham, I held a number of senior posts in retail banking at Alliance & Leicester Plc, including Director of Current Accounts & Savings and Managing Director Alliance & Leicester Direct. I am currently a member of the Building Societies Association Council representing the Midlands and West Regional Association, which I chair, and also represent building societies on the FCA’s Small Business Practitioners Panel. I am a director of Nottingham Property Services Ltd, Nottingham Mortgage Services Ltd, Harrison Murray Ltd and HM Lettings Ltd.

Finance Director: Daniel Mundy* BA (Hons)
I joined the Board in April 2017 as Finance Director. I have over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry and prior to joining The Nottingham held a number of senior roles in retail banking organisations, which include Co-operative Bank, Nationwide, Santander, Yorkshire Building Society and the Financial Services Authority. I am responsible for Finance, Treasury, and Credit Risk along with delivery of the Group strategy and business planning activities. I am a director of Nottingham Property Services Ltd, Nottingham Mortgage Services Ltd, Harrison Murray Ltd and HM Lettings Ltd.

Chief Risk Officer: Charles Roe
I joined The Nottingham in April 2018 and became a member of the Board in January 2019. Prior to joining The Nottingham I was a director in the Regulatory Financial Services Practice at Grant Thornton LLP and worked for the FCA/FSA for 11 years, undertaking a number of senior supervisory roles including Head of Department for the mortgage sector. My early financial career began in the East Midlands with Standard Chartered Bank. As Chief Risk Officer, I am responsible for the design and implementation of the Society’s Risk Management Framework, ensuring it correctly controls, identifies and provides assurance over key risks across the organisation.

Andrew Neden MA, FCA
I joined the Board in 2014. I am a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience in financial services in the UK and overseas. After a number of years running KPMG's UK financial sector transaction services team, I was the global Chief Operating Officer for KPMG's financial services business. Current directorships include the Wesleyan Assurance Society and ABC International Bank Plc; I chair the Audit Committee for both organisations.

Kerry Spooner LLB (Hons) 
I joined the Board in September 2016. I have 10 years of financial services experience in the building society sector before joining the Board. I acted as a Non-Executive Director at two other building societies and I have experience as Vice Chair, Senior Independent Director and Chair of Remuneration Committee. Prior to that I worked as a solicitor for 20 years, the last nine years as a corporate finance partner of the international law firm Allen & Overy LLP. I'm also a member of the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee (Magistrates) and a Non-Executive Director of Scotiabank Europe plc.

Kavita Patel 
I joined the Board at the beginning of 2017. I am a partner and Head of Investment Funds at the law firm, Shakespeare Martineau. I have a wealth of experience advising clients in the financial services arena both in the retail and institutional space on corporate, regulatory and governance matters.

Simon Baum
I joined the Board in June 2018 and I have expertise and experience in credit and financial risk gained through over 30 years in retail and financial companies including Alliance & Leicester, Santander and Experian.

*Executive Director

To read our Board Terms of Reference, please click here.

Board Committees

This committee has responsibility for the Society’s financial reporting and systems of internal control. It also has oversight of both Internal Audit and External Audit operations and effectiveness.

  1. Andrew Neden
  2. Kavita Patel
  3. Kerry Spooner

To read our Audit Committee Terms of Reference, please click here. For our Internal Audit Charter please click here.

This committee is responsible for recommending a succession plan to the Board of Directors.

  1. John Edwards
  2. David Marlow
  3. Jane Kibbey

To read our Nominations Committee Terms of Reference, please click here.

This committee makes recommendations to the Board on the general remuneration policy of the Society and specifically on the remuneration of Executive Directors. The committee also has oversight of the remuneration of both the Society’s senior management team and Remuneration Code staff.

  1. Kerry Spooner
  2. John Edwards
  3. Andrew Neden
To read our Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference, please click here.

This committee is responsible for ensuring key risks are identified and steps taken to mitigate them. It ensures consideration is given to all significant matters relating to governance, control, regulatory and compliance issues and that adequate capital is maintained to cover the Group’s key risks.

  1. John Edwards
  2. Jane Kibbey
  3. David Marlow
  4. Daniel Mundy
  5. Andrew Neden
  6. Kerry Spooner
  7. Kavita Patel
  8. Simon Baum
To read our Risk Committee Terms of Reference, please click here.

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