Have your say at our Annual General Meeting 2020

The Nottingham is your building society. You helped build it and you need to contribute to its success.

That's why it's important to use your vote in our upcoming AGM. It means you can:

  • Choose the best people to run your Society by voting for the directors
  • Influence the Society's future plans
  • Show your support for your local building society and the work we do in your community.

How to vote

You have four options if you would like to vote at the AGM: 

  • Go to this link. You will need the login and password details provided on your voting form or email
  • Post your voting form using the envelope provided
  • Pop your voting form into branch
  • Attend the AGM.

As a consequence of the announcement from the Government on 23rd March, we anticipate that the office which postal votes should be sent may be closed. As a result we would ask all members, that are able to do so, to cast their votes for the AGM online to ensure that their votes will be counted.

Go green! Get your next AGM pack by email

Last year we posted over 125,000 AGM packs. That's a huge amount of paper. Yes, we source it from sustainable forests but we'd much rather those trees weren't cut down. Yet there's an easy way to avoid all that and it only takes a few seconds of your time.

Check your AGM voting form or email - that will have all the information you need to go green by getting next year's pack by email!

Please continue to monitor our website for updates relating to the AGM in light of Coronavirus, particularly any alternative arrangements we may need to make regarding the date and location of the AGM so we remain in line with the latest Government advice.

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