Five smells that will sell your home and five nasty niffs to avoid

Anyone who’s watched a TV property programme knows the old tricks of brewing coffee and baking bread to get house-buyers drooling. But those aren’t the only smells that sell.

Giving would-be buyers a waft of newly-washed bed linen works even better, according to our phwoar poll of estate agents.

Other heaven scents include fresh cut flowers, log fires and real Christmas trees, say agents who have compiled top fives of the best and worst ways to get up buyers’ noses.

Number one in the best-avoided nasty niffs list is the pong of pet poo.

A stinky bathroom and the over-powering odour of cats rank two and three in the smells that send buyers rushing for the door, say agents working for The Nottingham Estate Agency and Harrison Murray Estate Agency which has 52 branches in the Midlands.

A room with a phew! may not make or break a sale but it definitely puts buyers in a right or wrong frame of mind, says Estate Agency Manager Carl Smith.

“The way your home smells can have a real influence on potential buyers,” says Carl. “Clean and fresh works wonders. A home that smells of stale tobacco or pets is a real turn off.

“Nothing beats the smell of fresh bed linen. People love that. It works a lot better than baking bread, believe me.

“If you have a dog or a cat, put it out in the garden and leave the windows open before a viewing - and make sure they’ve not left any nasty little surprises behind.

“You don’t want to overpower viewers with any single smell. As with your decor, it pays to keep things fairly neutral. Scented candles are nice, people like them. A plug-in air freshener is good if you have pets, but don’t go overboard with the artificial sprays because they can be a bit sickly.”

Smells that will help sell your home:

1. Fresh bed linen
Nothing says homely better than the smell of fresh bed clothes. 

2. Cut flowers
Blooms don’t just brighten up a room they give it a nice aroma too.

3. A roaring log fire
If you want to warm a buyer up, throw another log on the fire.

4. Real Christmas trees
Spruce up your home with the scent of some nice Norwegian wood - providing it’s Christmas, obviously. 

5. Baking bread
It might be an old cliche, but flour power really can put buyers in the mood.

Nasty niffs:

1. Pet poo
Nothing says yuck more than the pong of a rogue cat or doggy dropping.

2. Stinky bathrooms
A pong is always wrong in a bathroom. Check no-one has left a nasty whiff behind.

3. Your cat might be lovely, but a minging moggy does nothing for most house buyers. Put Tiddles in the garden and open a window before they visit.

4. Stale food
Chicken tikka might be the nation’s favourite dish, but the smell of last night’s take-away won’t curry favour with buyers. Other food odours to avoid include fish and garlic.

5. Tobacco
No-one wants to live in an old ashtray. If you smoke, do it outside before a visit from a would-be buyer. Generic News Story

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