How Framework helps transform lives - Marks story

Framework is a brilliant organisation working to help homeless people in the local community. We’re proud to give them our ongoing support – and help people like Mark gain a new sense of security and find their way back into society.

Mark slept rough in a secluded roadside clearing near Lincoln for nearly nine years. It had become a way of life and Mark was initially very resistant to the help offered by Framework’s Street Outreach Team.

“My first reaction was ‘go away and leave me alone. I’ve survived here for nine years and I don’t need your help’. They left me alone for three days and then came back and left me their 0800 number. My first call was actually to apologise for my actions, but that number really became a lifeline to me. It was there for me when I needed it and I knew I could contact somebody who would help me.”

After numerous calls over a period of months Mark finally accepted the help and support offered to him.

“With me being on the streets for so long it took me nearly a year to trust them, because you find that some people on the streets don’t trust anybody but themselves. It’s taken me a long time to get used to having four walls around me again but things are getting better.”

Andy, from the Street Outreach Team, explained: “We first learned about Mark from a member of the public who called the line. With¬out that call we would never have found this site because there’s only so much ground we can cover. Many people have tried and failed to help Mark over the years so we’re really happy to have made a difference.”

If you know of somebody sleeping rough, you can call Framework’s Street Outreach Team on 0800 066 5356 Generic News Story

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