How Framework helps transform lives - Michelles story

Our homes are our security. And when we lose that security, whatever the reason, it’s all too easy to slip into a negative cycle that feels impossible to break.

That was what happened to Michelle – one of the people helped by our supported charity, Framework. 

“I was homeless and I had drug and alcohol addictions – both very severe. I had mental and physical health issues and had lost all contact with my children and extended family. Life was that bad at this point that I did not want to live any more.”
Michelle moved into Framework’s Potter Street accommodation and says that, from that point onwards, her life gradually began to change for the better.

“The staff at Framework helped me come to terms with the issues in my life I hadn’t faced before. I was given help to contact the right people who gave me the right tools to change my life. The accommodation I was given was exceptional and it made my journey to recovery easier to cope with. It really made a big difference."

Michelle is now living independently and is enjoying life again – with her family back by her side.

“I’m drug and alcohol free and have been for the past eight years. I‘m back in touch with my family again and see my children and grandchildren every day. I also have my own local authority flat and am part of the local community. I volunteer and give what I can. Most importantly, my children have their mother back.” Generic News Story

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