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My name is Ben Osgood and my role at Nottingham Mortgage Services is as senior manager within the mortgage broking team in our contact centre.

At Nottingham Mortgage Services you get a whole host of choice with mortgage products. Because we offer a whole of market service we can get access to any lender out there that deals with mortgage brokers, that’s a vast array of products that we’ve got access to. It saves customers from searching the mortgage market themselves, we’ve got a unique insight into the market and the lenders, the different criteria.

Mortgages can seem quite daunting and complicated, particularly for first time buyers but it doesn’t need to be. We’re here to help customers see through all the jargon and the technicalities. If you do apply for a mortgage with Nottingham Mortgage Services we have a case support team which will work with the customer all the way through the journey so the first thing we’ll do is look to spend 20 minutes with the customer over the phone, understanding what’s important to them. 

A mortgage is most customer’s biggest financial responsibility so it’s absolutely key we get it right.

With Nottingham Mortgage Services you’ve got the peace of mind that we are supported with a well-known reputable brand like the Nottingham Building Society but of course you want to insure the advice we give you is impartial. The Nottingham Building Society is just one of many lenders that are on our panel - it’s what’s best for the customer and what’s best for their circumstances. At the end of the day we’re completely open and transparent with our customers about the product that we select but also the products that we don’t select. 

Customers that aren’t used to the mortgage market or have got any concerns about recent developments in the mortgage market have probably got that question in their minds - will I qualify for a mortgage? We have great relationships with all the lenders where we can have detailed conversations with them and give customers peace of mind before they start looking for their house.

The question of how much deposit do I need is a key one for our customers to consider and so it’s a sensible conversation we have with our customers.

The best tip I would give customers looking to apply for a mortgage or going through that process is to be as informed as you possibly can be before you embark on that, not only with getting mortgage advice but also your personal circumstances. Take some time to take stock before hand and once you’re confident that you know where you stand make sure you speak to a mortgage adviser who has access to the whole of the market so when you make that decision you’re fully informed not only about your own circumstances but what is available to you. 

We take time to understand the customer and that then compliments what we know about the industry and together we are able to place our customers with the most appropriate lenders.

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