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As far as the 2021 festive season goes, no one is exactly sure what it’s going to be like. It can be overwhelming and difficult to come to terms with our ‘new normal’ but one thing is for sure, it'll be different this year! Whatever your Christmas looks like, staying in touch with loved ones can be a really great way to spread festive cheer and make your family smile. We have three ideas to boost communication with family and friends this Christmas time.

1. Send a ‘round robin’

If you are part of a family that usually has a huge festive get together you might be changing your plans this year. But, keep family spirit alive and share all of your news from the year by creating a round robin! This could be in email or paper letter form but email may be the easiest to update and send around to the whole family. 

Start with one family unit and write an update from each member about their achievements and happenings from the year, however small! Email it over to the next people within your extended family and they can do the same. Keep this going amongst all of your siblings or aunties and uncles and make sure that all grandparents and other members of the family are in the email so that they can see each time a new section is added to the thread! 

Sharing news and updates might be easier in written form than over a collective video call as we all know how tricky they can get with more than a few people. But throw in a family quiz call for good measure! 

2. Create a Christmas Day vlog

Enrol tech-savvy family members to record video messages to send via email or text message to your close relatives that you won’t get to see. You could take it up a notch by recording your day and editing snippets of the best bits together to share with family members such as grandparents who may usually be with you throughout the day so that they can feel as if they were with you during the day. A great task for budding video creators in the family! 

3. Re-visit Christmas cards

Christmas cards may have fallen out of fashion in recent years due to email and text methods of communication but this year could be the perfect time to bring them back and brighten up your loved ones’ days with a thoughtful card appearing on their doormat. Why not write a personalised note and share news and good wishes with a special Christmas card this year instead of bypassing the tradition? Take things one step further by personalising your Christmas cards with a fun family photo – the more homemade the better when it comes to these cute cards. Print out some festive family photos online and decorate with your own personal family style. A great activity over a winter weekend plus it’s a great way to keep in touch too. 

There we have three ideas to keep in touch in fun ways this Christmas even if you aren’t able to see family and friends as much as you may have hoped. Check out our Christmas quiz to find out your Christmas personality.  

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