6 things to add to your property's home office

According to research, half of the UK workforce will be working remotely by 2020 and flexi-time increased by 12.35% from 2012 - 2016 which means that the likelihood of more people working from home in 2019 is high. This, paired with the 2 million freelancers* in the UK, means that adding a home office to your rental property could make it a very attractive proposition to potential tenants. 

Here are 6 things to make your property’s home office the ideal space for self-employed or working from home tenants. As well as the below tips that are all very functional, remember to also think about the comfort and feel of the office with a good quality carpet and perhaps some neutral prints on the walls. 

1. Office furniture
If your rental property is furnished then adding comfortable, functional and stylish office furniture can be a great way to draw in potential tenants. Especially if this means they don’t have to purchase their own furniture in order to work from home in their new abode. Make sure this includes a sturdy desk and, if you really want to go the extra mile, a supportive office chair. 

2. Lighting
Natural light as well as suitably placed lamps and ceiling lights are very important. The office should be a room with a window and landlords should ensure that properly fitted and appropriate blinds are installed in order to control the sunlight in the room. Lamps and ceiling bulbs should be correctly covered with shades, too. 

3. Heating
Ensure that the room that you’re advertising as an office is correctly insulated and there are no draughts that would make working in there for long periods of time uncomfortable.

4. WiFi
If you are providing WiFi in the property then make sure that it’s a good speed and bandwidth. Check with the providers in the area if you are installing new WiFi to make sure that it will be suitable for home working and that it is reliable. 

5. Electrical sockets
Power outlets will be very important in a home office. Ensure that there are enough sockets in appropriate areas of the room, for example behind the desk. If you are adding new power outlets, make sure the electrics are safe in your buy-to-let and consider safe multi-way bar extension leads. 

6. Storage
Consider shelves, drawers and a desk with built-in storage in order to create a productive and tidy environment for your potential tenant’s new office. Helping them to visualise themselves working there with an appropriate set up will help with decision making. If they know that all their paperwork will be easily filed away, it’ll be a weight off their mind! 

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