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Do your homework before making a move

Nottingham Estate Agency and Harrison Murray Estate Agency have some tips on what to bear in mind when thinking about buying a property in a new area.


The hidden costs of moving house

A house-buyers' list of what might cost you extra cash up front, which you might not be told about at the start of your journey.


What is LTV, and why does it affect your mortgage?

LTV, or Loan to Value, is the percentage of your mortgage loan compared with the surveyors’ valuation of the property. Here's what difference it can make.


Can I pay less stamp duty?

Is there a way to pay less Stamp Duty if your house is above the £125,000 threshold?


How does a building society work?

A mutual building society, such as The Nottingham, is a financial institution run for the benefit of its members, primarily offering saving and mortgage services. We don’t have shareholders which means our profits and extra benefits can be reinvested in the business and passed on to customers.

9 steps

Nine steps to buying your first home

Buying your first home can seem a bit daunting. Nottingham Building Society has offered to help the ‘bust the myth’ detailing the nine steps a first time buyer needs to take.

new home kitchen

Top 10 questions to ask when viewing a house

Take this house viewing checklist with you and prevent any nasty surprises when the removal vans have left. Brought to you from the Nottingham Building Society.


First time buyer Anne Marie

My name is Anne-Marie Adams. I’m from Nottingham. I’m a full time employee so I’ve got a pretty busy life, with two kids as a single mum and I’m just about to buy my first house.

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When is the right time to quit renting and buy a property

Depending on your circumstances, it can be a very good idea to save money while renting so you can buy your own house.

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