Getting started with saving

Getting started with saving is easier than you think. There are many ways to organise your spending and save regularly – and lots of help available to make your savings work for you.


Teaching your children to save before they spend

Helping your children to manage their money from an early age will set them up with a key life skill for years to come. Those important childhood habits will stand them in good stead for when they really need that financial knowledge later in life.


Netherfield branch are box clever

Our Netherfield branch has boxed off another initiative - by putting our ever popular ‘mascot moneyboxes’ on display in the local community centre.


Keira-Kay’s golden day

Youngster Keira-Kay O’Leary became Sherwood’s golden girl when she scooped a limited edition money box stuffed with £100 in a recent competition.


The Nottingham rewards inspirational Riley

Terrific two-year-old Riley Donald received a well-deserved treat after being named a Nottingham Building Society ‘Inspirational Young Person of 2015’.

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Open a children’s savings account to help with their financial education

Being good with money just got compulsory - at least for kids.As of August, financial education became part of the National Curriculum in maths and citizenship lessons.

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How can I encourage my child to start saving?

As a parent you want to shelter your kids from the world of money in a bid to keep adult related concerns out of their lives for as long as possible.

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The Nottingham offers young savers the chance to start collecting a set of legendary money

We’ve enlisted the help of the ‘legendary’ hero Robin Hood to help encourage children in the region to get into the savings habit. However, this Robin Hood is only 15cm high, has a slot in his back, is made of high quality, hand painted pottery - so what’s going on?

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Sheriff helps promote saving from a young age

The Sheriff of Nottingham visited our Ruddington branch to help staff promote the importance of saving from a young age.

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