What you need to know about health care when you get old

The number of people aged 85 and over is up by a third to 300,000 in the past ten years. This is set to put more demand on the care sector – so how will you deal with your later life care?

Taking care of your savings

Saving for retirement? What you should know

Do your thoughts ever ponder what you might want to do when you retire? How much money will you really need to be able to tick dreams off your bucket list and live a comfortable life?


Starting a new job? You really should consider a pension

It’s inevitable that there will come a time when you can't work any more but still need an income. Even if that seems a long way off, when you're saving for your future the earlier you start the more flexible your retirement options will be.


The Nottingham reports continued growth in first six months of the year

Continued growth, strong performance, the announcements of a multi-million pound investment in digital technology and a further seven new branch openings before the end of the year plus the launch of a reward scheme for members has marked the last six months of trading by the Nottingham Building Society (known as The Nottingham).


Nottingham Building Society to open seven building society branches due for closure

The Nottingham Building Society (‘The Nottingham’) has announced that in November and December this year, it will open seven new branches in market towns across the Midlands, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.


Major investment in new digital technology

A multi-million pound investment in digital technology has been announced by the Nottingham Building Society (known as The Nottingham), which will make it easier for members to access the society’s unique advice and service proposition online as well as in branch.


Inheritance Tax - and what you have to pay

Some of your hard-earned legacy could go straight to the Treasury as tax instead of to the people you wanted to benefit from your estate. Here's the low-down on how to get things in good order.


Have YOU protected your greatest asset?

The chances are you’ve already taken steps to protect your property, whether it’s your home and its contents or your mobile phone. Yet what about your greatest asset, YOU and your earning power.

Talking about money later in life

Take steps to (legally) avoid inheritance tax

There are several choices available to protect your money - the results of a lifetime of work. And while the Treasury still gets its share of your estate at the end of your life, you can cover this eventuality and make sure your family still fully benefit from what you leave behind.


Six top tips for your investment health-check

It’s always good to keep on top of your savings and investments – especially if you want to make sure that your hopes and dreams for the future are staying on course.

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