Have YOU protected your greatest asset?

The chances are you’ve already taken steps to protect your property, whether it’s your home and its contents or your mobile phone. Yet what about your greatest asset, YOU and your earning power.

Talking about money later in life

Take steps to (legally) avoid inheritance tax

There are several choices available to protect your money - the results of a lifetime of work. And while the Treasury still gets its share of your estate at the end of your life, you can cover this eventuality and make sure your family still fully benefit from what you leave behind.


Teresa puts the fun in funeral planning

For many people planning for when we shuffle off this mortal coil is a depressing thought and one that is often put off for another day.


Happy birthday ma’am from everyone at The Nottingham

Our staff are royally preparing to help Her Majesty the Queen celebrate her 90th birthday.


Taking the stress out of things for our family

Husband and wife Martin and Chris Diesbergen are enjoying their retirement even more now they have sorted out their will, funeral plans and a trust fund thanks to help from The Nottingham.


Pension reform, your options

The government has promised that all retirees will have access to free, independent guidance. However this is not the same as 'advice', where you get a qualified independent financial adviser giving you recommendations to specific products/services, that suit your needs.

Financial planning

5 things you need to know about the 2015 pension changes

We’ve asked our partners at Wren Sterling to tell us five things about the pension changes you really ought to know.

financial future

Planning a better financial future

A lot of people are well underway with 2015 health and lifestyle kicks – however, planning a better financial future is a priority for many too.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

You can insure just about anything these days, our lives, health, homes, valuables, salaries, cars, holidays…the list goes on and on.

Generic News Story

Funeral planning - the gift that keeps on giving

Gill and Peter, decided that taking out a funeral plan, while she and her husband are both fit and healthy, simply made sound financial sense.

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