Shouting about

Is your shed worth shouting about? Don’t forget to protect the contents

With the UK poised to crown the Shed of the Year champion in just over a week’s time, research has shown that Brits spend almost a year of their lives in their shed!

Safe haven

Is your garden covered?

Can you hear them, the quintessential sounds of Summer? Tinkling ice cream vans, thrumming mowers and strimmers, barbecues being expectantly trundled over patios - and the ever-present grumbling rumble of threatened thunderstorms.

Jenga insurance safe

Keep your garden a safe haven

You might spend all weekend pampering and pruning it. Or just use it as somewhere to kick a football with the kids.

Generic News Story

How to make a watertight insurance claim

Home emergency cover as part of your home insurance can ensure you have protection when something goes wrong. Read our news story to find out more.

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