A hundred-plus reasons to save

 It’s never too soon or too late to start the savings habit says Edie Beasley, who has been putting aside money most of her life - and who recently turned 102 years young!

At a small celebration to celebrate her magnificent milestone at our Hucknall branch, not far from where Edie lives, she took the opportunity to send a message to others who are not necessarily as canny with their cash.

Great grandma Edie, who for most of her career worked at Nottingham’s City Hospital as a domestic and then in the kitchens, said: “Saving is not about getting rich, it’s all about making your money work for you - however much you have. In my case it has been putting a few pennies and pounds away every week - whatever is manageable - to make sure there is always enough aside for a rainy day.

“It certainly helps to have a building society like The Nottingham with branches on local high streets and with extremely friendly staff who pride themselves on excellent customer service.

“The Hucknall branch team are a delight to deal with and I really enjoy visiting the branch with my son. They can’t do enough to help - they are brilliant and always make you feel welcome when you come in.”

Edie understands that for some people it is not so easy to think about saving money - life hasn’t always been easy for her and she has, of course, had the same sort of financial pressures and outgoings as many.

But for her it’s been all about keeping a sense of discipline and routine around her finances and making sure that as and when there is a bit spare that it goes straight into her account.

She explained: “There is a lot of pressure on people, particularly those with young families, these days to have this and have that in terms of material goods but also because essential bills and other outgoings can add up to more than incomings.

“Like many others I have a family and bills to pay and, at times, things haven’t been easy financially. There have been occasions when I’ve been really badly off, but I’ve always tried to keep one eye on putting aside what I can.

“Popping into The Nottingham, as I do on a weekly basis, is a nice experience and they always look after me. It has been part of my week for a long time now and I think having that routine is really important when it comes to saving.

“Of course people can only save if they have the money, but what I’ve found works for me is not worrying too much about how much I can save but that I actually do. It becomes a habit, and it is nice watching a few pennies grow into a few pounds.

“What saving has meant for me is that although I’ve never been rich I could, eventually, live a comfortable life and one of the things I’m most proud of is that I’ve never had to rely on anyone else or borrow money.”


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