Choosing your perfect property can take less than an hour!

A session at the gym, watching two episodes of your favourite soap, an office lunch break or viewing and putting an offer in on a new home – all easily achieveable within an hour!

Property buyers take just 53 minutes to buy a house, according to a recent survey*. A total of 1,000 UK homeowners were asked how long they took during the viewing process before putting in an offer on their new place.

Some 53 per cent of people said they arranged a second viewing, whilst 41 per cent came back more than twice.

In addition, there were still a handful of decisive purchasers (6 per cent) who said they knew in under 10 minutes that they wanted to put in an offer.

Our estate agency team say their own experience shows that many buyers have usually done their homework prior to arranging a viewing, ensuring that they are fully informed about all the relevant facts before making their decision.

Our Head of Estate Agency Su Snaith said: “To many people, it could seem that making such an important decision in such a relatively short space of time is a little impulsive.

“However, buyers are very savvy and the majority have done background research into the area, local amenities and price comparisons - so are already in the driving seat should the property they are viewing tick all the boxes for them.”

The survey also asked home hunters the criteria they considered prior to arranging a property viewing:
  • Reading the full property description: 67 per cent (of those surveyed)
  • Looking at other properties listed in the area: 59 per cent
  • Looking at the property on Google Streetview: 56 per cent
  • Taking a detailed look at the floor plans: 53 per cent
  • Looking at local amenities, employment etc: 49 per cent
  • Researching historical price of the property: 44 per cent
  • Researching changes to commuting times/routes: 32 per cent
  • Researching school catchment areas: 25 per cent
*survey source


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