Gareth’s appi-ness as he lands him selfie an iPad

Nottingham Forest fanatic Gareth Bennett is extremely app-y after his ‘selfie shot’ won him an iPad Mini thanks to the estate agency arm of The Nottingham.

The 33-year-old, who has recently moved to Mansfield from Carlton with his family, saw the competition – where people were asked to take a headshot photo next to a Nottingham Estate Agency or Harrison Murray ‘For Sale’ or ‘Sold’ sign – on Facebook and decided to take part.

On the final day of entries and despite horrendous rain, Gareth ventured out on his motorbike and travelled to Netherfield - where he lived when he was younger - for a trip down memory lane combined with the chance to get a selfie next to a Nottingham Estate Agency sign he had seen previously.

And it proved a very worthwhile thing to do as Gareth’s entry was randomly drawn out of the hat and he landed the state-of-the-art tablet, which was presented at The Nottingham’s Mansfield branch recently.

Gareth takes up the story: “I first saw the competition on Facebook and decided it looked really creative and fun so I would take part. I thought it was great that an estate agency had put so much imagination into a competition.

“However, due to moving house I kept saying to myself ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’. When it got to the final say I got on my motorbike and went to Netherfield, where I lived when I was younger, for a trip down memory lane tied in with the selfie, as I knew The Nottingham had a property for sale on my old street.

“I’m so glad I made the effort to do that – I’m chuffed to bits to win. With the costs of moving it could not have come at a better time. It’s my daughter Kaycee’s ninth birthday on 17 July so although the iPad is going to be for all the family to use we are going to let her open it as a surprise present.

“To be honest I’ve had a soft spot for The Nottingham for some time now, mainly because they have invested so much in Nottingham Forest, who I am an ardent supporter of. I thought it was fantastic that the society gave over £240,000 to the club last year – money which is very helpful for the club’s academy to keep developing.

“When we have things sorted a bit more in the new house my partner Michelle and I are going to visit the Mansfield branch of The Nottingham again to open savings accounts for Kaycee and her sister Kirsty.” Generic News Story

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